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The Best Guarantee To Get Dividends Over 100 Years

|Includes: Colgate-Palmolive Co. (CL), CVX, ED, KO, PG, PPG, XOM

Dividends are important for investors because they pay down your investment and reduce risk. Growing dividends are good but only a small group of companies could grow their dividends year over year.

Look at General Electric. The company reduced its dividends within the financial crisis but paid investors cash. Is GE a bad stock? No, definitely not.

There are times in which the company has problems but for the long-term the business perspectives should become better due to a stronger and growing economy. This should not work for every company but for the average stock market.

Today I like to show you the 7 best dividend paying stocks that paid a dividend for more than a century, over 100 years or more.

These are the results:

Consolidated Edison -- Yield: 4.27%

Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) employs 14,601 people, generates revenue of $12,919.00 million and has a net income of $1,092.00 million. The current market capitalization stands at $17.81 billion.

Consolidated Edison's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounts to $3,235.00 million. The EBITDA margin is 25.04% (the operating margin is 16.75% and the net profit margin 8.45%).

Financials: The total debt represents 29.32% of Consolidated Edison assets and the total debt in relation to the equity amounts to 103.30%. Due to the financial situation, a return on equity of 8.80% was realized by Consolidated Edison.

Twelve trailing months earnings per share reached a value of $3.71. Last fiscal year, Consolidated Edison paid $2.52 in the form of dividends to shareholders.

Market Valuation: Here are the price ratios of the company: The P/E ratio is 16.45, the P/S ratio is 1.38 and the P/B ratio is finally 1.42. The dividend yield amounts to 4.27%. - Read more here: 5 Stocks With A Dividend Payment History Of More Than 100 Years....