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13 Consumer Dividend Stocks With Strong Increase In Growth

|Includes: CVGW, DMND, FMX, NUS, PII, RGR, SAFM, SCL, SLGN, Orchids Paper Products Company (TIS), TWI, VCO-OLD, VFC

Consumer Goods Dividend Stocks With Accelerated Growth Researched By Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. For the American economy, the consumer sector is one of the areas with huge importance for the economy that determines growth. Recent figures show that the sector recovers. Big winners are more likely retailer stocks that sell consumer goods products. They are part of the service sector.

In order to find some opportunities from the consumer goods sector, I screened the sector by dividend stocks with an earnings and sales growth of more than five percent over the past five years. In order to catch up only stocks with a gaining earnings momentum, I observed only those stocks with a quarter over quarter sales and earnings per share growth of more than fifteen percent. Exactly thirteen companies fulfilled these criteria of which one is a high yield; eleven are recommended to buy.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

13 Consumer Dividend Stocks With Strong Increase In Growth...

Take a closer look at the full table. The average price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) amounts to 20.04 and forward P/E ratio is 13.78. The dividend yield has a value of 1.63 percent. Price to book ratio is 5.74 and price to sales ratio 2.07. The operating margin amounts to 9.91 percent. Sales increased 30.35 percent compared to the figures from the same quarter last year (12.39 percent 5-year average) and the earnings per share grew 102.61 percent quarter over quarter (38.73 percent 5-year average).

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