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Facebook Is Too Expensive! These Technology Stocks Create A Better Shareholder Value

|Includes: ADI, AMAT, AVX, BRKS, CA, DNB, GLW, HPQ, INTC, JCOM, KLAC, Lexmark International, Inc. (LXK), MANT, MOLX, MSFT, MTSC, TDS, XLS

Technology Stocks With Low P/E Ratios An Best Dividends Researched By Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Everybody is talking about Facebook and the USD 104 billion market valuation at revenues of nearly USD 4 billion. But, what happens if Facebook's growth slows before the company reaches the USD 100 billion mark in revenues? You will never get investment back.

If you like to invest in stocks with a higher degree of safeness, you should take a look at stocks from forgotten industries like the wireless communication industry. Certainly, the growth is not as high as the growth of social network companies or software stocks but they pay a much higher dividend and this helps you to hedge your investment. What alternatives are available within the dividend category?

However, I made a screen of the best yielding U.S. based technology stocks with a low P/E ratio (below 15) and a market capitalization over USD 300 million. Below the results are many semiconductor stocks. If you look abroad, you find a lot of stocks with high yields from the telecom services industry. Eighteen stocks remained of which eleven have a yield over three percent and the same number of stocks are recommended to buy.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

18 Technology Stocks Cheaper Than Facebook....

Take a closer look at the full table. The average price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) amounts to 9.93 and forward P/E ratio is 9.60. The dividend yield has a value of 3.15 percent. Price to book ratio is 1.80 and price to sales ratio 1.66. The operating margin amounts to 20.27 percent. Companies from the screen grew 6.31 percent yearly over the recent half decade.

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