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Alexandria Real Estate REIT (ARE) - 4 High Dividend & Option Yields

|Includes: Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. (ARE)

 Alexandria Real Estate Equities REIT, (NYSE:ARE), is the largest landlord for biotech firms in the U.S., which makes it a play on Healthcare.

Although its common stock dividend is not very high, (currently a 2.26% dividend yield), there are 4 ways to achieve a high single and double-digit yields from this stock:

1.With its juicy options, ARE is listed in our Covered Call tables, with a 14%-plus current yield on its July $65 calls, which are currently bid at $4.20. (ARE closed at $61.88 Friday).

The potential assigned yield for selling these covered calls 10.58% annualized, giving you a total potential yield of 27.19%.

2. Our Covered Put tables list $60 July covered puts at a $5.00 bid, for a 17.50 % annualized yield. (This yield is based on a 100% cash reserve.)

3. Alexandria has a preferred  stock,  AREEP, a cumulative convertible series D stock, that pays $1.75/share per year, in quarterly payments. AREEP is now at $21.75, and has a 7.97% yield. It's callable in 2013 at $25.

4. Alexandria has another preferred stock, AREPC, a cumulative convertible series C stock, that pays $2.09/share per year, in quarterly payments. Note: This preferred stock is now callable at ANY TIME at $25/share, and it closed at $25 on Friday. This dividend yield is 8.36%.

Note: Many of the free finance sites have very sketchy info on preferred stocks. The online brokerage sites may provide better and more details.

Disclosure: Author long ARE preferred shares

Disclaimer: This article was written for informational purposes only.

Disclosure: Author is long ARE preferred shares