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This Week's Options Trades: 8-16-19

|About: ConocoPhillips (COP), Includes: CVX, LTC, VTR

We added new options trades for 2 REIT's this week.

We updated options strike prices for GE.

Volatility rose again this week, pushing up option values.

Volatility: The VIX rose 2.8% this week, ending the week at $18.47, after reaching over $24 on Thursday.

This Week's Options Trades: We added new options trades for Ventas, (VTR), and LTC Properties, (LTC), to our Covered Calls Table and to our Cash Secured Puts Table this week.

Beleaguered GE, the subject of a controversial whistleblower report this week, tops the Covered Call list, with a 36% annualized static yield, followed by CTL which gained 4% on the week, following last week's analyst upgrade. CTL has a 27% annualized static yield.

Two separate trades for GE are in the top 4 trades of the Cash Secured Puts Table, with 27% and 22% annualized put yields, along with trades for Chevron, (CVX), and Conoco Phillips, (COP).There are multiple trades for Apple and AT&T on these tables, which are updated throughout each trading day.

Market Indexes: It was another volatile week for the markets, with the trade war spilling into recession fears. The major indexes all lost over -3% on Wednesday, when the yield curve inverted. This was the market's 3rd straight down week. although Friday's central banks-inspired rally prevented further declines.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long VTR.