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Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: Is The GBP Bound To Strengthen Vs. USD And EUR?

In the broadcast today: Is the GBP Bound to Strengthen vs. USD and EUR? Following the Bank of England's decision not to expand its Asset Purchase Program, we explain what no additional quantitative easing would mean for the GBP and make the case for why the pound sterling could start to attract more bids against the EUR and the USD, we analyze the latest trend developments in the GBP/USD currency pair, we take a look at the EUR/USD pair as it tests an important support level, we keep an eye on the price correction in the USD/JPY currency pair, we highlight the market's reaction to the Bank of England and the European Central Bank interest rate announcements, the Greek Parliament's vote on new austerity measures, the Japanese Current Account, the German Trade Balance, the U.S. Jobless Claims and Trade Balance, we discuss new forecasts from Bank of New York-Mellon and Societe Generale, and prepare for the trading session ahead.

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