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Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: Another Two Years Of USD Weakness?

In the broadcast today: Another Two Years of USD Weakness? Following the dovish FOMC monetary policy announcement, we ponder if the Fed has managed to open the door to another couple of years of USD weakness or if the greenback will be able to resume its strengthening despite of its ultra-accomodative central bank, we analyze the rally in the EUR/USD currency pair as it tests an important resistance level, we keep an eye on the GBP/USD pair which is approaching the top of its range, we note the pullback in the USD/JPY pair, we examine the strengthening of the commodity currencies: AUD, NZD and CAD, we highlight the market's reaction to the Federal Reserve and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand interest rate announcements, the resumption of the private sector involvement negotiations in Greece, and the U.S. Jobless Claims and Durable Goods Orders, we discuss new forecasts from Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York-Mellon and Societe Generale, and prepare for the trading session ahead.

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