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Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: Can The JPY And The CHF Rally Further?

In the broadcast today: Can the JPY and the CHF Rally Further? With EU debt crisis concerns and risk aversion making a comeback in recent weeks, we explore the outlook for the preferred by the market safe-haven currencies: the JPY and the CHF and ponder if the two will be allowed to strengthen further by their central banks, we analyze the price correction in the USD/JPY currency pair, we continue to monitor the battle at the EUR/CHF exchange rate floor at 1.20, we keep an eye on the bounce higher in the EUR/USD pair, we highlight the market's reaction to the reports of more quantitative easing at the next Bank of Japan meeting on April 27, the Japanese Machinery Orders, the Spanish and the Italian debt auctions, we discuss new forecasts from JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York-Mellon, Mizuho Bank and UBS, and prepare for the trading session ahead.

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