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Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: Is The EUR End Game Already Here?

In the broadcast today: Is the EUR End Game Already Here? With the EU debt crisis escalating and the odds of an exit from the EMU by Greece or Spain rising, we continue to focus on the EUR and ponder if we are entering the final "make or brake" phase that will decide the future fate of single currency, we analyze the latest trend developments with the EUR/USD currency pair, we keep an eye on the selling pressure in the USD/JPY pair , we note today's double bottom support in the GBP/USD currency pair, we highlight the market's reaction to the credit rating downgrade of Germany by Moody's, the German and the Chinese Manufacturing PMI, and the Euro-zone Composite PMI, we discuss new forecasts from Bank of New York-Mellon and UBS, and prepare for the trading session ahead.

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