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Hard Core Real Estate

In the Saturday Financial Review news paper there was an article about the collapse of Great Southern to investors funds totalling 1 billion dollars. In addition over the past 2 years ordinary investors have lost 8 billion dollars invested by the advice of financial planners into these collapsed companies as stated in that same article.

Some of you may remember;  Westpoint, Centro, Storm, Fincorp, Great Southern and others.

Excessive fees, huge dividends and bad management are the most common reasons for these companies losing your money, that fact was also stated in the article.

I personally have been given an opportunity to head a small group of elite experts to get self funded investors into high class specific projects and get returns of 20% per deal.

Right now developments have collapsed and liquidators have moved in, but what is happening is I am getting calls for big deals from huge investors like super funds, and multimillionaires with cash to burn now, one man in Perth has 26 million to invest.

Hard Core Real Estate at True Value … what is this and how does it work?

I have a waiting list for – approved plus 55 developments, aged care and respite, medical offices, hospitols and professional suites, retirement villages, Service stations and KFC sites.

We pay cash for the council approved sites (first security on land guaranteed) that fit our buyers needs as above then our team gets the sites fully approved up to operational works and landscaping approvals. At this point the site has doubled in price because of the approvals and we sell it, the unit holders or investors as shareholders in the company then get their 20% return of their initial investment usually in $50,000.00 lots.

All sites are “property specific projects” with only 10 investors in each project … each investor has a covetable interest on the land and the land has NO borrowings from the bank as  it’s a cash purchase owned by the elite 10.

The fact is right now people are too scared to borrow $500,000.00 on a quality investment property or most people and investors have heard about “positive cash flow” properties but don’t have the TIME to research where the best ones are. Let me tell you this WARNING I have 25 years experience in the real estate business from golf courses, building, land developments, licensed agent and more and I will tell you this, that most of the positive cash flow investment properties out there now I would not let my dog live in, they are rubbish … only 10% of real estate is worth investing in the other 90% won’t make you money. Read my GLODEN rule No.1 for my clients.

PROOF: This is an extract from my new  course and 400 page work manual, “the 21 laws to guarantee you make money in property   &nbs...Law  N0. 5 of 21

QUESTION: What is the number ONE QUESTION every single real estate agent (possibly in the WORLD) asks you when you are selling your house or investment property?

ANSWER: What street do you live in?

All real estate agents will tell you that the street you live in is a good street because they are sucking up to you (sorry for the language) however go and ask 5 – 7 local agents for a list of the top 10 best streets in your area then get them rated from 1 – 10. Act as though you are a buyer and not a resident and tell them you are only interested in buying in the top 10 best streets and preferably the top 5 and see the result for yourself … nobody else tells it like I do.

Golden rule No.5 is ONLY buy or invest in the top 5 best streets of any suburb in Australia. For those of you reading this extract and would like a FREE copy of this complete extract then email me direct at and I will personally send you a FREE copy.

If you are nervous about buying property outright in this market (and I can’t blame you for that) and you want to be on the select and elite investor list of 10 (as explained above) then simply email and I will call you personally.

Change your thinking and you will change your results …

Sincerely yours

Philip Sigglekow

LREA QLD NSW VIC cert IV advanced property, dip finance and mortgage lending.