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The foreign exchange market (forex) is a form of exchange for the global decentralized trading of international foreign currencies. The forex assists international trade and investment services by enabling currency conversion and it also supports direct speculation in the value of the foreign currencies. The forex is unique because it is known for its liquidity; it is the most liquid financial market in the world. It is also known for its continuous operations (24hrs per day except on weekends), for its international geographical dispersion and for the low margins of relative profit compared with other markets of fixed income.

A forex brokerage is a dedicated entity that connects retail forex traders with the forex market, it is as well an effective way to get you into the mix with the banking network and purchase foreign currencies to hold in an easy manner. Forex brokers make their money by taking a portion of the pie when a trade is done, the change in the relationship between two currencies in a pair is measured in pips. The way a forex brokerage makes money is that they allow you access to forex leverage, when you use leverage, you can control a larger amount on the market than what you actually have in your account.

Netotrade offers you tightest spreads available starting at 0.3 pips, more buying power with flexible leverage up tp 1:400 ,advanced trading tools and a very qualified customer support, a variety of account type options with a very flexible trading environment.

One of the most important factors that determine a forex trader's success is the broker he chooses to do business with. There are many aspects that make a best forex broker between the too many forex brokers in the worldwide financial markets, some of which are difficult to find out until you have traded real money with them, at which point it might be too late.

Not to forget one important thing which is; here at NetoTrade the interest of the client and the company is integrated and shared. The company profits only from the spread. There are no trading commissions whatsoever. In other words the company profits only from the difference between the buying and selling price .NetoTrade promises its clients real and genuine support and enables them to benefit the most from their profits and eliminates the chances of losing to zero.

One must have an expert market research and also note that the best forex broker should:

-Include all the currency pairs that you are willing to trade. Selected forex brokers provide up to 45 forex pairs to trade.

-Compare the actual spreads of your frequently traded pairs .

-Check the brokers that don't give many restrictions.

-Have a phone support with great sales representatives.

-Have a quick and adequate mailing response.

Netotrade offers you all those accommodations and free training sessions especially if you are new to forex. Dont trade until you are sure a 100% you've grasped what you learnt from these forex education sessions.

Have a good time trading with Netotrade.

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