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Falling divorce rate: Too poor to get a divorce

I've seen this kind of story before.  It almost seems like a joke where you are waiting for the punch line.  The economy is sooooooo bad... that people who can't stand each other are staying together!

Julie Kay at the Miami Herald reports a drop in the divorce rate .  Excerpts from the article in quotations.

As a result, local divorce lawyers say they are facing their slowest period ever, and are discounting rates, offering sliding payment scales and military discounts and accepting credit cards. One said her business is down 35 percent from last year.
The fast cheap answer to marriage is the Vegas Drive through wedding.  I wonder if there is that fast cheap answer to divorce.  Hmmmm, I might be on to a business idea.
With the economy faltering and pink slips flying, couples who were thinking of divorcing may think again. The husband or wife may have been laid off and now left dependent on the other's health insurance, or cannot afford to get his or her own place.

How many people can't even afford the place they are in, never mind trying to split everything in two, buy new stuff, figure out insurance, start a new life, and pay off their hefty lawyer fees?

Additionally, the house may be in foreclosure or underwater, which means it can't be quickly sold and therefore there are no assets to be divided up. ...All this means that divorces appear to be on the decline.... The problem appears to affect the lower and middle classes more than the wealthy.

According to court statistics, 16,868 divorces were granted in 2006 in Miami-Dade, 16,005 in 2007 and 14,631 in 2008. In Broward, 11,179 cases were filed in 2006, 9,876 in 2007 and 8,924 in 2008.

Having money problems, having job problems, which lead often lead to marital problems, can't afford your house, can't sell your house... what to do?

``I have people who find out what the consultation fee is and then they don't make the appointment,'' said Hollywood divorce lawyer Caryn Grainer. ``They're too embarrassed to cancel. I laugh when people say the recession is over.''

Too true Caryn, too true.  I also laugh when people say the recession is over.  In fact, CNBC is pretty freaking funny in case you haven't noticed.  Don't believe what you see on the front lines, just keep the TV turned on.