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Obama cries foul

"These budget-busting tax cuts and spending programs were approved by many of the same people who are now waxing political about fiscal responsibility while opposing our efforts to reduce deficits by getting health care costs under control… it’s a sight to see”.
- Barrack Obama
Tax Cuts: The Bush tax cuts brought in more revenue than economists predicted. It’s one of the few times you’ll see the government perform better than expected financially. These tax cuts were also across all income levels, rich, middle class and poor. 
When they expire...
- The 10% tax bracket will be eliminated as those Americans will get bumped up into the 15% bracket.
- Tax payers with Children will lose 50% of their child credit.
- Married payers will see the marriage penalty return.
- Increase taxes on dividends
- Increase on capital gains
- Federal death taxes back in 2011
In his campaign, Obama promised not to increase taxes but just by letting the Bush tax cuts expire, he will in effect be raising taxes. Gotcha, HE won't raise taxes, he'll just let other tax cuts expire.  You'll owe uncle same more money, but Obama won't be raising that tax at that time.

I don’t like the idea of some groups getting tax hikes, while others don’t. I don’t believe it is fair to vote tax increase on other people without also sharing the burden. Either taxes go UP for all income levels, or taxes go DOWN for all income levels ( none of this soak one particular class).   It is unfair to vote that other people pay the bill without chipping in but I believe new tax increases will do just that.
Spending programs: No doubt that the 500 billion dollar deficits that Bush & the Democratic Congress ran are disgusting and irresponsible. The fact that Obama  will be running a 1,500 billion dollar deficit is worse. Bush spent like a drunken sailor and true fiscal conservatives had to be upset. As bad as Bush was, Obama’s opening year will have at least 3 times the deficit of Bush’s worst year ( scary stuff)! There is no doubt that Obama had economic headwinds, however the argument can’t go two ways. Some will argue that Clinton ran a balanced budget, and that “Bush” wrecked it when he came into office while ignoring the headwinds that Bush faced. Clinton exited the stage at the height of the Tech bubble before the stuff hit the fan. Bush exited the stage as the stuff was hitting the fan as well. If you are going to argue that Obama inherited a mess, you’d also have to be fair and argue that Bush did as well.  You can't judge somebody for what the inherited, but we can judge them for how they deal with it.
- The Bush’s stimulus plan was passed with bi-partisan support and  mailed out 600 and 1,200 dollar stimulus checks to Main Street Americans.
- The Obama stimulus gave handouts to pet projects, unions, and bailed out failed state governments. It was jammed through by a Democrat super-majority.
Bailouts: Bush bailed everybody out, and Obama did as well. Some thought that Obama was different, but the same stuff went on. Obama wanted to run a “clean” open ended government without the lobbyists, lawyers and leeches ( special interest groups), but nothing has changed.
Health Care Costs: The CBO already stated that Obama’s Health Care reform would NOT reduce Health Care costs. If anything, you’d think the CBO would be biased in Obama’s favor. For him to still cling to the dogma that his 2000 page health care reform would reduce costs is troubling. His own people said it won’t, but maybe he thinks if he keeps saying it that Americans will believe it. 
War: Obama also complained about war and now he’s sending an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan at a price tag of a million dollars per man ( 30 billion total). What would have happened if John McCain won the election and did the exact same thing? The day after Obama announced his surge I stood behind the White House and didn’t see a single protester. The weather wasn’t great, but it was eerie to not see a single protester as there is always somebody standing back there protesting something. It’s sort of amazing how Obama wasn’t getting any protest from the anti-war crowd, and Bush wasn’t getting more protest from the fiscally conservative crowd when their policies didn't match their label.
Obama trying to blame Republicans for the mess is only natural as he is a politician and to be fair he did enter office in an economic crap storm. The annoying part though, is him blaming Republicans for the mess when he’s just continuing their policies of deficit, bailouts, stimulus. In many cases, what he’s doing is much much worse. He wants to blame Republicans for debt ( his debt is 3 times worse than anything under Bush). He wants to talk against bailouts yet he continues to bailout State/local government, Unions,  Pet projects and Wall Street. He wants to take 200 billion in Tarp money and use it as a slush fund which isn’t even what the funds were appropriated for. Who cares if it’s legal or not, that’s what he wants to do. Don’t respect the Constitution and rule of law, just take private property from the bond holders and give it to the UAW.  Repeal of the Glass-Steagall act? Nope, don’t want to piss off Goldman Sachs and the bank Lobby. Obama clinging to the idea that the Health Care bill will lower Heal Care costs is a bold faced lie that was already proven false by his own people.  Obama was elected into office only a year ago, but at this point he seems most concerned with flinging mud, passing blame, protecting his image, and trying to get his health care bill passed.
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