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Is the Federal Government too TIGHT?!?

In our latest Idle Speculator piece, we ask whether — despite large recent and expected budget deficits — the federal government risks being too tight. We argue that:

(1) At certain times and under certain economic conditions, deficit financed improvements in the tax code and public expenditures and investments make sense.

(2) The U.S. may be in one of those periods now, while Japan may be exiting one. In both cases (as well as the Great Depression), demographic trends might be playing a larger role than conventional theories assume.

(3) Pro-growth fiscal policies would give the Federal Reserve a lot more room to raise rates and defend the USD.

(4) Given: the enormous nominal dollar figures attached to discussions of U.S. budget deficits and national debt; widespread misconceptions about public finance and its economic effects; and ideological rancor among voters and politicians; there will be increasing pressure to tighten up the federal budget in coming years. Such actions could be premature and threaten a nascent economic recovery.

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