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When Smart People Are Wrong: Warren Buffett on Deficits and Inflation

|Includes: Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A), BRK.B, TLT

Investment News reports that "Warren Buffett shortened the duration of bonds held by his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. after warning that deficit spending could force inflation higher."

Despite his occasional involvement in policy discussions, Buffett is not a macro guy, and the article only speculates on the motivation for changes in the company's fixed income holdings.  One takeaway from the piece is that Berkshire's balance sheet is healthy enough to incur the decline in interest income that will result from this shortening (though it may have cost Berkshire shareholders some capital gains in recent weeks, given the recent slide in ten year Treasury yields).  And given Buffett's investing style, he's far more likely to be attracted to equities with healthy and growing cash flows and dividend yields than government debt, regardless of the macro environment.

We would just point out to the oracle that federal deficits are not always and everywhere inflationary -- at least not when the private sector is desperate to save, expectations are pessimistic, and the central bank is up against the zero bound.

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Disclosure: Neither the firm, its principals, or its clients own securities issued by Berkshire Hathaway. Some clients of the firm hold Treasury debt and/or TLT.