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Cost, Benefit of Government

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I was out of the office most of the day with tax preparation.  My accountant recommended filing amended tax returns, because of fluctuations in income.  My only comment is the deficit went up a small amount today, at least enough to cover the cost of preparation!
Dealing with the government in anything we do can cost more than it is worth.  Who among us would get a replacement drivers license when we moved until we absolutely had to?  Dealing with government is like getting a tooth pulled, a relief once it is over.
This realization on our part is probably why OH! Bama’s health care is running into problems.  Can you imagine the Post Office in charge of healthcare?  What has the government done efficiently?
They can’t run Medicare without losing money.  A story clicked across the TV this morning about a pizza joint in Florida that was being paid for dialysis treatments, and a doctor that billed Medicare for four colonoscopies on the same patient in one day.  Meanwhile, MasterCard called on a charge I made at a restaurant in K.C. over the Fourth of July; just to check the accuracy of the bill.  Private enterprise just seems to work better.  Sorry Oh! Bama, I will stay with my health insurance.
Nationalized Health Care would naturally lead to rationed health care as the costs spiraled out of control.  One proposal requires counseling for Senior Citizens and pain medication rather than life extending treatments.  Does that mean Ted Kennedy wouldn’t have received brain surgery? Hmm….
Harry Reid, will be happy to know the administration has directed that meetings should avoid locations like Las Vegas, Reno or Orlando.  Since Senator Reid is facing a difficult re-election next year, he should be glad the president is doing his best to "help" his state.
Oh! Bama and the democrats have killed the private airplane business after criticizing Detroit’s executives for flying to congressional meetings last December. Now it is Nevada and Florida’s turn.  Why do government bureaucrats need meetings at resorts anyway?  One government employee asked, “Do you want to take everyone to Fargo (N. Dakota) in the middle of winter?  Just because they’re federal employees you don’t need to mistreat them.” I love it, it is “mistreatment” to spend time in Middle America, with the great unwashed.
It will be interesting to watch the president’s news conference tonight.
Think of all the union employees we can hire to run health care!

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