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Northwest Biotherapeutic's Silence Is Damning: Why NWBO's Refusal To Engage In Basic Shareholder Communications Casts Serious Doubt Upon The Science Behind Their Treatment Pipeline

|Includes: Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)

Overly optimistic private investors pump up NWBO on various message boards across the internet. Meanwhile, the stock price has plummeted far over 50% since it's high back in July. Yet, the CEO of NorthWest, Linda Powers, remains completely silent as to any updates on the NWBO pipeline.

Meanwhile, "Using sophisticated algorithms, the hedge funds when attacking a stock on the short side first take out offers for the stock and then enter a large number of small volume sell orders at progressively lower prices.", according to SmithonStocks. What we're experiencing is starting to shatter doubt on the investment community and on NWBO's follower base. One might argue that NWBO, by staying completely silent, tricks investors into thinking that "news must be around the corner", thus leaving them to hold their positions. When reality, news is not around the corner, and that we have seen for many months now.

What exactly is going on with NWBO? Why are we not hearing about an ended PI trial on Direct, and what is the reason for the halt of L? I guess we'll never know until the music stops playing.

Disclosure: I am/we are short NWBO.