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Taxed Enough Already: Taxes We Forget To Sum Up Together and Effects on Election Stocks (H, MAR, XHB, IYR)

|Includes: H, IYR, MAR, SPDR Homebuilders ETF (XHB)

So the Tea Party  (TEA = Taxed Enough Already) seat won a lot of seats in this election. From U.S. House and Senate, to specific state House and Senates, to Governor races, the Tea Party’s voice is the voice of the silent majority turned vocal. The voters of America appear to be sick and tired of taxation without reason. They voice their concern of seeing broken down roads but brand new $10M+ pedestrian sidewalks making their way into the budgets, just miles apart from one another (Go to Michigan and read up on it.) The Tea Party advocates claim injustice in the midst of a stimulus package being awarded to districts that did not even exist (2 to be exact, dirty business in federal government?)

What does this mean for business? Well, right now it is hard to quantify. One of the big reasons is because until we see if these candidates will support what they ran on, or if they do the opposite of their campaign promises like voters have seen with Obama (Read his approval rating). However, if they do get into office and cut taxes, here are some taxes to keep in mind. I hope to update this as readers provide comments with other taxes I missed (their will be many).

  1. Hotel Tax
  2. School Tax
  3. Liquor Tax
  4. Luxury Tax
  5. Excise Taxes
  6. Property Tax
  7. Cigarette Tax
  8. Medicare Tax
  9. Inventory Tax
  10. Car Rental Tax
  11. Real Estate Tax
  12. Well Permit Tax
  13. Fuel Permit Tax
  14. Inheritance Tax
  15. Road Usage Tax
  16. CDL license Tax
  17. State Income Tax
  18. Food License Tax
  19. Vehicle Sales Tax
  20. Gas Tax
  21. Sun Tanning Tax (National Health care Bill)
  22. License Plate Fee/Tax

The hotel tax alone is one that excites me. Imagine the improved margins, profits, top lines, increased employment, and increased business travel we would see if hotel taxes are limited in cities and states, or even cut. Could we see shares of….


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