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Vringo-Google Trial Update - What Happened At Court Today

|Includes: FH, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

I received the following update from a secondary source ("source") who is attending the trial today. Thought readers might find this useful.

Court Update 1:45 pm lunch break
I spoke to my source from the Courthouse personally 5 minutes ago.
Both sides have completed closing arguments.
My source plans to return to hear the Verdict.

2:45 pm Court to read the charges to the Jury

3:45 pm case goes to the JURY

Source reports from Court Vringo (VRNG) did a better job in closing arguments. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) came across to source as arrogant telling Jury members what they should or should not include in deciding the case.

Source said he felt the JURY was "NOT" as attentive during GOOG closing.

VRNG had the last 10 minutes and again did a good job of summarizing the case very clearly. They said LYCOS [ per KEN LANG ] tried to get their search business going but ran into financial troubles early on. That does not warrant they should be cheated by Google (or words to that effect).

In court earlier

Vringo had graphs / charts showing the jury on average $27 million is owed to VRINGO per EACH Quarter GOOGLE has infringed [ they showed specific Rev numbers for each quarter].

Today's VRNG Motion on Laches has not yet be ruled [ not sure when it will or if it will ] .

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