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This Monday be like Seinfeld's George Castanza and, "do the opposite."

First off I would like to state that I am by no means an expert. In fact, 98% of you reading this probably know more than I about the market. That being the case, I will say that my intuition is pretty good. Right now my intuition is telling me that stocks will start off lower monday but by the afternoon they will have turned around and continued on their upward March. How can that be you ask? Review the past 6 months. More often then not when people are expecting a good/bad day the opposite happens.

Right now people are saying Monday will be a bad day. I mean in a "normal" market how could it not be!!? We have bankruptcies of both Chrysler and  General Motors (NYSE:GM) , the threat of war in Asia, Oil shooting upward based on hope the worst is behind us, and finally the market has been skyrocketing the last 3 months and is due for a correction. It MUST fall... friends, come Monday I'm asking you to do what George did in that famous Seinfeld episode. Take any instincts you might have toward rhyme or reason in this market and do the opposite, you just might make a few bucks.


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