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Isn't it about time we admit the Truth about the economy?

Frankly, Im sickened over hearing day in and day out how well banks are doing, how housing starts are up, defaults decreasing, car sale rising and all the other non-sense being thrown around within the very biased media.

Let's face facts, housing starts are not up, real estate defaults still continue to grow, jobs are disappearing, commercial real estate is falling into a pit, credit card defaults are rising faster than oil prices, and did someone mention oil?

Oil ladies and gentleman the goose that lays the golden egg for oil traders, whom have created a market for themselves, off themselves, all by themselves. Oil traders are to oil prices as lawyers are to lawsuits. Self fullfilling disasters they are! Lawyers need lawsuits to survive otherwise they stop being lawyers and become baggers at the local supermarket. Oil traders need oil prices to go UP, because how long can survive shorting oil? Prices must be propped up artifically to survive in their trade.

Amazing, OBAMA and his minions with all the talk about how Bush was pro-big oil, and this that and the other thing, OBAMA has done NOTHING to stem the tide of big oil raping America again since he has taken office. I wonder why? Well I'll tell you quickly, he's in bed with big oil too, just like every president has been because of money. You want to be a politician, you need cash and lots of it. Enough said, if you can't figure out the rest then truly you are the boy in the bubble.

Now, back to the economy. Housing will continue to slide and is far from bottoming out, why you ask? easy, jobs continue to disappear as companies try to make up for loses in profit from projected tax increases, higher supply costs, and trying to make an extra buck on every item rather than taking profit over volume sales.

What everyone has negated to state is when oil prices dropped, did anyone notice that manufacturers refused to lower their prices? NO manufacturers lowered their prices for consumer goods because why should they, who's going to make them, OBAMA?

Consumers have been stuck with higher prices for everything. Paper towels, soap, groceries, dog food of all things. Dog food bags went from 40-50 lbs size on average costing about $19.00 to $ 22.00 and the bag size DROPPED to 30 lbs.

Ice cream dropped 75 percent in size for the same price in some cases, and stores think they are doing you a favor by selling it BOGO (buy one get one) free.

Overall without making this a 700 page novel outlining each and every violation of ethics in business, let alone the uniform commercial code, NO ONE in the OBAMA administration has lifted a finger to help Joe Average survive from day to day.

I actually listened to people on the radio last week crying that they submitted to OBAMA's mortgage sharks trying to get their mortgages re-adjusted as his website so proudly declares, yet everyone of these poor people instead got a shock when their mortgages where increased!

Now tell me how Average Joe is being helped by OBAMA and his minions?

It's time people got off their rear ends, and started screaming at the tops of their lungs for the federal gov't to serve them up the heads of oil traders, speculators, and companies using unfair trade practices to profit off of Average Joe.

It is noteworthy to mention to date; not one stock speculator, not one oil trader, not even one captain of industry has been charged criminally, put on trail and jailed for crimes against Average Joe. Seems its business as usual and the DOJ lead by OBAMA are content chasing ghosts and fighting the GOP in word wars over who deserves the corner office.

Kinda tells this writer that OBAMA feels all is going as he wants!!!