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Why are Washington Lawmakers NOT Attempting to obtain AutoManufacturers to Build in the U.S.

Dear Friends,

As you know today, a Chinese Auto Company bought Hummer. Now how does this pertain to my blog, simple; Why are our elected officals in Washington D.C. not persuing China and India in manufacturing automobiles right here in the U.S.?

If you have a viable answer, please enlighten me here! I have attempted to contact my respective state officals, to no avail concerning this question "Why are we not trying to attract Chinese and Indian Car Manufacturers to open up operations here in the states?" I have called, emailed, and next I am going to request a visit. I will not reveal my state, but needless to say, I'll bet if you really examined this issue for the reality of it, you might concur with my conclusions.

First of all, by 2010 China will float to our auto market, between 30 to 50 thousand vehicles. Of course this makes up only about two percent of what our total purchases in vehicles is projected to be. India is now producing thousands of vehicles which cost about 2.5K. Oh wait I know, "Well Cole, these cars won't meet our EPA, our DOE (Energy) standards!" In response to this Rhetorical Statement, the counter to that is obvious, the Indian Car Manufacturers can put those extra bumbers and tighten up those mufflers with another 2.5 K. With shipping to the states, you are still only at spending 7 to 8 K for an automobile that does approximately 45 to 50 MPG.

Another point to stress here: If we do not attract the Chinese or Indian Manufacturers to build here on our soil, then they will persue opportunities in Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, and parts of Africa. A wake up call to my fellow countrymen, the day of the UAW is slowly coming to an end. Thus the trend of outsourcing, and paying an auto worker no more than 14 to 16 dollars per hour will be the new standard. Cheaper is the current currency, and Ford does this better than any body with its production costs. Yet they manufacture most of its parts to Mexico,  Canada and parts of Europe.

If you are hung up on Nationalism, well you should now you should  just have a hangover from that drink. We know have to be smarter, cheaper, and work harder to regain our dominance in this realm. Yet I fear our golden days of being a leader in manufacturing autos are a past dream. Ladies and Gentleman, if we do not petition or attempt to solicit these two countries, our skeleton auto leaders in this country will be singing that whispering tune of Outsourcing over "The Star Spangled Banner."

I wish there was a Thomas Paine alive today with a new pamphlet entitled "Common Sense "Part II. It is so plain of a solution to assist in the alleviation of this cancer on our economy called "Recession!"... So if we continue to sleep on this opportunity, than we will be like the "Lost Generation" after WWI. Though we no longer have a Hemmingway to reflect it.

Well if you do not pick up the phone or at least email your respective Congress person, than do not complain when the costs of the vehicle (with all those special energy additives) still range well above the Globe's average. Yes Patriotism is important, but we had no quarms about dealing with a sub democractic, near absolute King of Louis XVI when we needed loans during the American Revolution.

If we are to remain as the Enlightenment Philosopher Roussea once said under "Self Rule," not Ja-Rule, than we are to petition through our leaders, auto motive alternative manufacturing here in the U.S. Yet be prepared not to start at 18 and hour, try 12 an hour. But do your own research, and please communicate your sentiments to your leaders now!

Jobs now with pragmaticism... the fuel which once raced Britain towards the top during The Industrial Revolution.

This is Cole Bolchoz signing out!

Disclosure: I do not own any stock. I am dirt poor like most of my fellow countrymen and women.

Remember "Low Aim, Not Failure, Is The Crime!" (E.R.B. III, R.I.P.) 2003