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Bioelectronics Corporation (OTC:BIEL): Pending FDA catalysts and news

|Includes: BioElectronics Corp. (BIEL)

When we  we first told you about Bioelectronics Corporation (OTC:BIEL) it was a sub-penny stock, but even then, it really jumped out. Obviously, it appealed to many investors as well, since shortly after we began to cover some of the developments involving the company and interviewed company spokesman, Joe Noel, the stock shot up to $.09.

Then, of course, their came developments involving a certain on-line brokerage company, which were reported earlier last week. The stock price pulled back to $.06 and many bargain hunters swooped in to pick up more shares. 

The issues with that brokerage company have been resolved and full trading of BIEL stocks has resumed- much to the delight of longs. The stock has been posting impressive volume and gains.

Now, it looks like the train is prepped and ready to leave the station once again.

Not only are they awaiting word on a pending FDA approval, they are preparing to file at least three more applications. In addition, there will be news about it's Acti-Patch -vs- Tylenol study in the coming weeks and that will surely be a home-run with investors.

Dare I say, "All aboard!?"

Dr. David Genecov, M.D. FACS FAAP, who first garnered lots of national and medical community attention after serving as a member of a surgical team at North Texas Hospital for Children who helped separate 1-year-old conjoined twins in 2002 recently submitted some "absolutely stellar" data as part an important clinical study on heel and foot pain which was treated using Bioelectronics' disposable drug-free anti-inflammatory devices.

Dr. Genecov commented, "Our data on heel and foot pain shows strong efficacy and 100% safety using the ActiPatch(NYSE:R) Therapy device. Results for pain reduction are significant as are the data indicating study participants were able to meaningfully reduce their use of pain medication. Our study indicates that ActiPatch's effectiveness, ease-of-use and low cost make it a viable option for the tens of millions of people who suffer from heel and foot pain, including plantar fasciitis. As a physician I am always concerned about the overuse of acetaminophen, narcotics and NSAIDs. Whenever possible our role is to reduce the use of these medications. This study clearly demonstrates that ActiPatch is an effective drug-free tool to control pain."

Since heel and foot pain, and plantar fasciitis are common conditions affecting tens of millions of people, it's not difficult to see why staffers at the company are working overtime to get this data to support their upcoming pre-marketing submission to the Food and Drug Administration. As I understand it, many of the employees will even be working through the long holiday weekend as they prepare for some key developments that will likely make news not only next week, but throughout the rest of the upcoming month.

Having Genecov in your corner helps. The widely published doctor has received numerous awards for his academic excellence, surgical expertise and philanthropy. Most recently he was named one of the country's top surgeons, but perhaps more importantly to BIEL stock holders, he drinks the company kool-aid. Especially after having used ActiPatch therapy on his own back following an injury. "That's when he became a big believer in our products," said one insider. "He had thrown out his back one day and someone recommended that he use our Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapeutic applications. Now he's a huge advocate of it."

Its no secret that magnetic and electromagnetic fields are fully recognized by 21st century medicine as real physical entities that promise the healing of various health problems where conventional medicine has failed, but what surprises people is just how many applications the technology has within the medical space. The technology has been proven to reduce swelling (edema) and inflammation, muscle pulls and strains, to relieve pain and accelerate the healing of bone fractures, for surgical injuries and recovery, osteoarthritis, sprains, cuts and bruises and to help heal chronic wounds, among other things.

What BIEL did was they took the technology and shrunk it. Along the way, they received a significant patent which protects their systems and techniques for applying these electromagnetic fields to bodily tissue as a self-contained and portable device. Until they did that, PEMF devices had been very expensive large devices found only in clinical settings such as clinics or hospitals. They have applied for an additional patent, which is currently pending, to further protect their intellectual property.

Now, one by one, they're taking their FDA approved technology and they've begun to target many specific applications for it in the areas of surgical recovery, treatment of musculoskeletal complaints, menstrual pain, and animal related pain and surgical recovery.

It's smart and extremely efficient.

Not bad for a “restart” company that had experienced product quality problems early on. The latest versions of their products are now very durable, with a battery life duration said to easily exceed 720 hours.

Much to the delight of investors, the company has also significantly reduced staff and operating losses by moving their core manufacturing offshore. According to analysts, the company now operates at a virtual break even point and generates solid gross margin results, similar to those of other much larger pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Their timing couldn't be better, frankly. Especially given all the negative media attention that pain medications are getting recently.

"As the debate relating to over-the-counter pain medications, such as Tylenol(R), continues and as consumers are increasingly leery about taking these drugs, we believe our drug-free solution to pain management and healing will continue to gain in popularity," commented Andrew Whelan, CEO of BioElectronics. "Considering the strength of this data, and due to the fact that ActiPatch is already approved by the FDA for a different indication, we believe our odds for clearance from the FDA are extremely high."

If you can stomach the penny stock play, then take a close look at BIEL at these prices.

This is one stock you may want in your portfolio- especially during the next few weeks. BIEL may not only make your body feel better. It may help your investment portfolio's self esteem a bit too.

Disclosure: Long BIEL