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Consumption-Based Fundamental Asset Allocation Redefines Investing - Relevant Investing in a Post-Collapse Era

From our NEW white paper which can be downloaded at

  • The new global economy and rapid advancements in technology are changing the fundamentals of investing at a rate the industry has never seen before, rendering many mainstream asset management strategies obsolete.
  • Pensions and institutions need to change their traditional processes to ensure their portfolios remain relevant to their plan members and to identify the next asset managers and asset management methodologies that will thrive in this new era.
  • Asset management strategies that are not relevant to plan members represent an avoidable liability for pensions and institutions, especially during volatile markets. The banking industry fell first. Are pensions next?
  • Consumption-Based Fundamental Asset Allocation introduces a new generation of asset management methodologies which utilize the fundamental attributes of the Investor, not the investment.
  • These consumption and GDP-based asset allocation methodologies create the most relevant portfolios for institutions, pensions and plan members.