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Internet Marketing – Expenditures are NOT dropping in 2009


Internet Marketing budgets are NOT decreasing in 2009! On the contrary, many leading firms are now apportioning more of the total advertising budget and specifically their direct marketing budget to internet-based campaigns. More importantly, these campaigns are expanding on numerous fronts.
The underlying reason for this continued growth and expansion is simple – One-to-One Marketing is rapidly becoming reality. Users are employing more sophisticated search queries that substantially reduce the number of total results while dramatically improving their relevance. Succes... companies are responding with a myriad of internet marketing campaigns that align with these more specific queries.
Let’s examine key areas where this investment is growing:
  • Search Engine Optimization– Companies in the most competitive markets understand the importance of investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This trend is expanding to other markets as business owners realize that SEO is the only true investment that ensures long-term performance. SEO monies, unlike other internet-based advertising strategies, build brand awareness and increase the company’s overall valuation.
  • Pay Per Click – This complementary strategy remains idea for a quick strike campaign that generates an immediate surge of interest for an existing offering. Pay Per Click (NYSE:PPC) is also an excellent vehicle from which to launch new products/services prior to the SEO efforts kicking in.  Companies are learning that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Yahoo (YHOO) and others are the only companies that accrue valuation gains from PPC.
  • Enhanced Content Ads – Support for graphic and rich-media content ads allows companies to create more sophisticated, targeted campaigns that produce better than their predecessors. Res... show that prospective customers click graphic and rich-media content ads more frequently than their more static forerunners. 
  • Targeted Radio/TV Ads – Ongoing fragmentation of radio and television markets further stratifies audiences making them more valuable than ever before. Companies can affordably address very specific demographics with a very targeted message.
  • Conversion Tracking – Companies are aggressively re-appropriating advertising dollars to Internet Marketing because it works. Accurate performance tracking, done on a near real-time basis supports constant scrutiny of all campaigns with winners continued & expanded and losers tossed aside immediately.
One-to-One Marketing will continue accelerated growth and Internet Marketing will be its main vehicle for the foreseeable future.