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Joker's Portfolio Update

Update to my portfolio:

I added some SSN at 2.20, GBG and GPL at pullback prices.  I also initiated another metals play in Claude Resources CGR.  A few thousand shares but I expect to hold for the long term.


My short term account I added UGL gold position, which is up nicely on gold's rebound. 

Short Term Trading - FAZ (insurance), GNK (contrarian), UGL (running), AVGCF, TBT Calls @ $40, $42 - These are june and jan 2012.  I am looking for tbt to hit $50. 

I still like my GNK.  The bollinger bands are coming together and I would have to say it looks like bottoming.  Pure speculation disclosure.  :)

On a side note, I added an undisclosed amount of physical silver around $22.  I forget to mention this but I am quite happy with it's run.  I have about 2/3 of what I am looking to hold so will purchase more on the next  

If you're looking for another one, one of my favorites is IPSU.  They were beat up again off an earnings loss but it was mega better than the previous qtr.   And Sugar isn't going down in price.   I have traded this equity between $10-14 multiple times.  I look to do it again.