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What is propping up this market?

I am now officially speechless and starting to get angry.  This blog is nothing but me whining and I'm warning you in sentence #2.  So get out now if you don't want to hear the crying.  :)

I'm a firm believer that markets need to dive, crash and burn, swirl down the drain, whatever you may call it, so that they can emerge like a phoenix, stronger the next time.  But in this crazy world of who knows what, what is propping this market up?

I haven't heard this talked about yet ...
Sellers -Obviously, we know this isn't the case because that's not how the market works.  But sellers would give at least some volume to the board.  But there are NONE.  But then again, this lack of sellers might be the culprit. 

Could it be that everyone is sitting on the sideline sitting on their losing equities, hoping they get back to some semblance of their prices last year?   They can't bear to sell them at a loss so they will just sit on them.  They're effectively out of the market and won't come back in out of fear of another fall or their equities go even again.  It's this reason and that they are saving money instead of investing.  It's human nature to not want to lose.  Whether it's the home seller not coming down enough or simply sitting on your down equities.  It's drove everyone out.  This is obvious. 

But that leaves a handful of serious risk takers pretty much free will on moving the markets their way.  Like a blackjack player getting the dealer all to himself.  Throw in a bunch of HFT and Goldman and other shadowy types and it's pretty easy to weather through this low volume fiasco.  Push the market whichever way you want it to go.  If the market can't collapse under these crappy fundementals, will it ever drop significantly again anytime soon?