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Iamned Website needs a bailout too

Breaking all of my internal rules on patronizing idiots, I need to comment on this spammer who constantly bombards this website with meek little links for his website, i am ned.  We all know the one. Before you yell at me for giving him attention, I wanted to come clean with my feelings on the matter.

First of all, the amount of his spam links on this website is staggering at times.  Does this guy have a life?  Does he get laid?  And even if he did have a woman, when asked what he does for a living, does he reply, "I spam a financial blogging website with ads for my website?"  Definitely a pantie-wetter if you ask me.  Get in line ladies.

Second, I could understand spam if you really had something to offer.  Today's article is a picture of Obama and links to various articles all over the web.  This is what this fool's website is.  That's it.  Nothing more.  A consolidation of links from various websites on the web.  The very idea fails miserably in that most of use surf the web all day anyway and find the same articles as we do so.  This site might as well be called iamworthless dot com 

Lastly, if you're trying to attract people to become regulars, put some money and effort into the site.  It looks like a half-assed spreadsheet thrown up from the bowels of Microsoft word and then saved as html. 

Get a freakin life already, ned.  Spare us the spam.  You're a massive tool with a crappy website.