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Things I Will/Wont be buying in 2010

It goes without saying that I don't believe this recovery is going so well.  Yep, I'll say it.  Apparently all the made-up statistics point to some kind of recovery but I'm not seeing it.  I still have no raise at my day job and while Q3 was awesome, Q4 revenue is in the crapper once again.  My day job is pretty representative of what I expect of companies in the upcoming earnings season.  But who can trust any number these days?

So while everyone here is giving you their equity predictions for 2010, I'm going to give you what I will and will not buying in 2010.  And that information is worth more to a consumer driven economy.  So pay attention Focus Groups. 

Well number 1 we're closing on a house Jan 15th.  New baby and a too-far commute led us to move to the burbs.  So give me my 6,500 housing credit.  MOst of my purchases are based on the house.

Carpeting - Our basement needs a new carpet.
Building Supplies - Paneling, Insultation, Paint
Gold Coins - Duh
Roth IRA - I've given up on my 401K.  The lack of options (I can't buy metals or oil) and control and fear of the gov taking it have led me only to contribute the company match.
Food ETFs
Lawnmower - better be built in USA
Equities (second half of 10)
Clothing - JCPenny, Kohls and Targit. 
Coach - my wife's Christmas gift
Baby Clothes and Supplies - Targit and Targit only. 

Not Buying
Luxury Electronics - what's the point?  They are complete waste of money.  No Ipods, Kindles or Droids.
Equities (first half of 10)
Anything made in China - how is this even going to be possible? 
BMW 335 - my dream car is put on hold.

Disclosure: GOLD, OIL, GUNS, FOOD