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Wake Up USA

On Dec. 27 I watched Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Gingrich, Gov. Deval Patrick and Andrea Mitchell join NBC's David Gregory on Meet the Press. I think some of the comments were well founded but did not go deep enough. When Andrea Mitchell said that things have with the tea parties reached a frenzy like the George Wallace period and one panel member said the distrust seems to be with banks, politicians, and even the media. 
Yes you watch Bank of America officials in a congressional hearing of how they fudged and exaggerated to get government help to get Merrill Lynch and they took over Countrywide earlier. They had sold the bundles of homes to foreign countries and when people could not pay cash in time on their homes half of the worlds wealth evaporated. A commercial ran during the broadcast saying putting B of A is putting1.5 billion investment in neighborhoods and small business. The new CEO during hearings acted like I dare you congress people question us. The whole bunch needs fired or sent up the river for the whole housing deal?
We have no government economic plan and few states do. China will have 9% GDP this year while USA has 3%. Government is growing like a weed in a hot ocean. Are government workers worried about their jobs disappearing being homeless? The second shoe seems poised to drop the question is where?
It would be nice to say we can get back on track but the government seems to have no clue what is happening and the same people who got us into the quick sand are still steering the ship. I have worked on a technology park issue locally and have helped spread the word some nationally. But we need real plans to follow like other counties or one day we may not need to worry anymore WAKE UP!
Steven L. Reed

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