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By Michael J. Clark

For Alan Greenspan,
the last of the great white whaleboat captains.

The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating in them, till they are left living on with half a heart and half a lung.  That intangible malignity which has been from the beginning; to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds; which the ancient Ophites of the east reverenced in their statue devil; -- Ahab did not fall down and worship it like them; but deliriously transferring its idea to the abhorred white whale, he pitted himself, all mutilated, against it.  All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick.  He piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart's shell upon it.
    Herman Melville, Moby-Dick, p. 200.


Writing, for me, is an act of discovery.  It is a turning of the mind’s sometimes-lucid light on a darkened landscape of ideas, hoping and trusting that illumination will occur.  I write in order to see reality more clearly.  Writing is an act of focusing the mind through a high-powered lens on things hidden in nature, images existent in dark energy, dream matter – using the mind to draw these hidden things out into the open.
    Writing, for me, is not a linear experience – it sometimes involves wandering from object to object – this can be maddening for some readers who appreciate the diameter more than the circle.  Writing, for me, is a weaving in and out of ideas, in and out of symbols, in and out of meanings, which, when stitched together, create a visible object, a tapestry built by metaphor into a recognizable form.
    In this way poetry is different than prose.  Poetry leaps from idea to idea; poetry wanders, gets lost sometimes.  Prose is causal, building an argument in a linear fashion, laying out a matrix based on temporal cause and effect.
    This books is a poet’s view of history, a poet’s view of the real (non-linear) causes of historic manifestations.  As such, a reader must allow for the occasional drifting in and out of what may seem like foreign, unrelated landscapes,  These landscapes are, trust me, connected, but perhaps not connected in a linear fashion.  A spider web is a whole structure, each part necessary to the whole – but not every strand of the structure is directly connected to every other strand.  The structure of this book is somewhat like the structure of a spider’s web.

I began this book as an attempt to rationalize (clarify) my own understanding of my immediate environment, which had been darkened suddenly by a constellation of events: my own retirement surely; also the sudden destruction of Western Civilization through the devastation of a financial system seemingly constructed with great care by the self-adoring ‘masters of the universe’ on Wall Street, in London and in other western world capitals.
    How had this happened?  Where would it lead?
I had a fairly clear understanding when I began of the metaphysical engine driving History’s manifestations and de-constructions: that human and historical manifestations on earth were divided into periods of Day (activity, building, masculine solar organizing energy) and periods of Night (relative inactivity, deconstruction, feminine lunar dis-organizing energy) – anti-entropy (negentropy) and entropy.  I did not expect, however, when I began writing this book for this Day/Night sequence to appear in history with such regularity as to make it predictable.
    While writing this book, I discovered a 36-year cycle in American economic expansions (top to top) and an 18-year half-cycle (top to bottom).  Was this kind of precision possible in Nature?
    The mind will try to organize chaos into a rational system in order to give itself some security in confronting the shapelessness, the nothingness, the chaos, of reality.  Perhaps these precise cycles are nothing more than this mania for mental organization which gives the human mind the illusion of ‘knowing’.
    Still, I have come to believe – through seeing – that the most recent Day-Cycle of Western Economic Expansion ended (or should have ended) in 2001, when the Dot Com Bubble burst, causing essentially worthless internet companies that had been pumped full of hot air by duplicitous investment bankers to fall back to earth after soaring and making many of these duplicitous bankers millionaires or even billionaires.  I say should have begun in 2001 had not Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan essentially – in a kind of mad positivistic ideological reaction – begun devaluing the American Dollar hand-over-fist in an attempt to avert the deflation that was needed to balance the inflationary financial bubble-factory that had driven America toward an economic precipice, making his colleagues in the American Ruling Class billions of dollars in the process – before it all came crashing down.
    Cheap money; more debt; declining productivity – how, again, did this formula translate into a stronger, leaner, more competitive America?  It didn’t.  It translated only into more debt for most Americans and for the American government – and more wealth – an obscene amount of wealth in fact – for a handful of America’s ruling class, those in banking, finance, and insurance especially, but also in housing and energy.  
    An example of this obscene level of wealth is former Secretary of the Treasury (and CEO of Goldman Sachs) Henry Paulson who made, it has been reported, more than $400 million dollars in his position at Goldman Sachs, then transferred his power seat to the Bush Administration, then blackmailed the U.S. Congress (and through them the American citizen) for trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to bail out his friends at Goldman Sachs when the pyramid scheme they had collectively constructed collapsed in 2008.
    I remember reading what a great ‘master of the universe’ Hank Paulson was, what a giant of finance, what a titan of American commercial life – a genius, indeed.  Really?  And I had been wondering why this titan of finance was not sharing a prison cell with everyone’s favorite thief, Bernard Madoff?  Paulson’s plundering of the American Treasury is the greatest act of thievery in the history of the Earth.
2001 was also the year of the September 11th Muslim attacks on American commercial, political and military symbols, the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City being the most devastating of these attacks.  This attack symbolically marked the end of the 18-year economic expansion of Western Civilization (the ideal of the ‘individual’ and the triumph of ‘private’ enterprise) that began with Ronald Reagan’s capitalist revolution in 1983.
    The period of 1983-2001 marked the 18-year period of economic expansion that followed the 18 year period of economic stagflation from 1965-1983, during which time America endured both high unemployment and high inflation, a flat investment market on Wall Street, and the spiritual death experience of the Counter-Culture movement as the civil rights rebellion, the war in Vietnam and the general anti-Capitalist flavor of the period cast doubt on the purity of America’s history, exposing racial atrocity, economic bullying, and militaristic terrorism in Asia and Latin America.  Clearly, this period produced the deflation of the American Ego – self-accusation, social fragmentation and polarization, civil disaffection and even armed conflict against the white, male power structure.
    Ego expansion, inflation, requires and assumes social unity, either through a shared sense of danger, or through the enforced conformism.  Ego contraction, deflation, produces a climate of social division that threatens the government, the ruling class, and the economic hierarchy of the civilization: the very fabric of the society becomes rent.
    This is where we are headed, straight into social division, polarization between the haves and have-nots, anger at the government and their masters in the Ruling Class (mostly white, mostly men) perhaps revolution.  This disintegration will continue until around 2019, when the negative energy of the deflation period (‘emptying out’) will give way to the more positive energy of the inflation experience (‘filling up’).

Period A.  2001 – 2019:     Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period B.  1983 – 2001:     Day Cycle Inflation, Higher forms of Organization
Period C.  1965 – 1983:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period D.  1947 – 1965:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization
Period E.  1929 – 1947:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period F.  1911 – 1929:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization
Period G.  1893 – 1911:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period H.  1875 – 1893:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization
Period I.   1857 – 1875:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period J.   1839 – 1957:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization
Period K.  1821 – 1839:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period L.  1803 – 1821:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization
Period M. 1785 – 1803:    Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos
Period N.  1767 – 1785:    Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization    

The reader will see that the periods of deflation do include periods of social fragmentation, polarization and chaos, civil war, periods of class warfare and periods of economic depression.  Periods of inflation (ego-inflation, not necessarily monetary inflation) include a return to national roots, a baptism, a washing clean of the sins of the past (a drinking from the River Lethe in the sense of the Greek Myth, a suspension of accusatory Memory), often a threat to national security and the resurrection of the Father Figure image – and a reawakening of religious imagery, embedded in symbols of Old Testament ‘chosen’ people imagery.
    Put in the local vernacular, Ego-deflation Night-Cycles empower the Indian persona from American history.  Ego-inflation Day-Cycles empower the Cowboy persona from American history.  The ‘Indian’ is tribal (group-oriented), lunar, horizontal in orientation – animated by the imagistic dream content – and by the ethic of equality.  The ‘Cowboy’ is individualistic, solar, vertical in orientation – climbing the ladder in search of objective recognition – animated by the scientific ‘real world’ of causality and engineering, city-building, active god-like behavior, and by the ethic of freedom.
    It is this active, god-like behavior – pride, or the Greek idea of Hubris – that causes Adam and Eve to fall from the pure state of Paradise and to be cast into darkness (death, illness, decline, depression), which is the essence of the Night-Cycle of Ego Deflation, as the human being suddenly awakens to his own limitations, his own mortality, his own inability to stem the tide of the collapse through the old Cowboy logic of hard work, will power, and positive thinking – that is, of exclusion of the shadow, the negative energy, from the picture, creating the illusion of unity, a unity of parts.
    Pubic spending won’t fix the decline; engineers can’t curb the collapse; politicians can’t talk or cheer their way out of the reality of the contraction.  Nothing but time (18 years) can resurrect the dead power-source and inflate the ideals of civilization again.  
    The book looks more closely at these different periods of expansion and decline.  
In this book, I will also look more closely at the 18 year cycle as it fits a 4-season cycle as a paradigm of historical development, a schema that owes something to both Gambatitsta Vico and Oswald Spengler.

 World History Icon
This image represents a visual system of History’s stages – and applies to 18-year cycles and to historical life cycles in a more general sense.
    History begins in a love of God, then transforms into a love of the world (of men), then returns to a love of God is three major steps, through four major personas or guardians.  Black Giant (Nature, Dark Ages, Space: Midnight); Renaissance Man (First Middle Ages, Dawn); White Giant (Man, Empiricism, Time, Noon); Revolutionary Romantic Man (Second Middle Ages, Dusk).
    This process will be examined quite thoroughly in the book that follows.

The Day-Cycle is essentially an idealization of the Masculine Principle.  The Night-Cycle is an idealization of the Feminine Principle.  The Day-Cycle idealizes physical strength, wealth, body, athletic ability, business acumen, heroism, military skills, mathematics, technology, construction abilities, religious discipline, the moral principle of Freedom.  The Night-Cycle idealizes love, thought, mind, spirituality, poetry, art, philosophy, mythology, religious mysticism, the moral principle of Equality.  During Night-Cycles, men tend to grow their hair long and dress and act more like women.  During Day-Cycles, women tend to cut their hair short and dress and act more like men.



The party's over,
It's time to call it a day
They've burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away.
It's time to wind up the masquerade
Just make your mind up
The piper must be paid.
The party's over
The candles flicker and dim
You danced and dreamed through the night
It seemed to be right
Just being with him.
Now you must wake up,
All dreams must end
Take off your makeup,
The party's over
It's all over, my friend

-Words by Betty Comden and Adolph
Green and Music by Jule Styne


In April 2008, I retired after working thirty years as an administrative assistant in the Architecture Department at the University of Oregon.  
    Almost immediately, upon retiring, my vision of the future turned black.  I was standing before an abyss.  True, my life patterns, thirty years of the creation and preservation of a ritual, had ended – and I was undergoing a kind of psychic death.  But there was more than this.  The precipice at which I was standing was a cultural, racial gulf.  The world we had known so well – which we had taken for granted and assumed would continue into the foreseeable future – was ending.
In Jungian psychological literature, when interpreting the ‘inner’ meaning of medieval alchemy, this period is called the ‘black sun’, Sol negro, and indicates the beginning of the soul’s descent into the underworld, the sun’s descent into death and darkness, prior to eventual rebirth on the other side of the Night.  The soul descends into the ‘ocean of the unconscious’ and undergoes a death and purification ritual, washing itself clean of sins, facing its own judgments against its impurities and imperfections – and enters a period of dormancy, like a seed lying latent in the cold earth – to be awakened only, and with a new vision, a new body, and a new personal mission, when stirred to life by the warm rays of the virginal, Spring Sun.
    Understood spiritually or psychologically, alchemy was the story of the individual’s quest to attain rebirth from a moral death, a popped Ego-bubble, that occurs at the end of a Day-cycle of active external social living – i.e., a Day of material existence.  The vas, the container inside of which the alchemist tried to transform lead into gold, was the individual soul, inside of which the now-isolate human being attempted to transform the heavy night of a leaden depression and loss into the new gold of solar regeneration.
    When the Day turned into Night, a new body was ultimately re-fashioned from the remnants of the old.  The physical body weakened; and the spiritual body, the soul, became the vehicle of this transitory reckoning in the land of Darkness.  Despair, Depression, loss of body and wealth, were psychic stages in this solar cleansing process.
It became clear to me, almost as if a light switch had been suddenly turned off, that the American financial system (and the global economy that America had been championing under the guise of ‘free market capitalism’ for so long) was heading off a precipice.  There was nothing we could do to stop it.  The world we had known for so long was slowly, irrevocably vanishing, matter being swallowed by a vast black hole that resided in the very center of our economic galaxy.  
    The world was ending.  
    And ‘positive thinking’, a cheerleading of material markets by its political and intellectual and practical enthusiasts, with their rational, technological ingenuity, which had helped to engender this most recent phase of the Great American Empire’s expansion (and its offspring, the global economic order), would not be able to stem the inevitable turning of Day into Night, the irresistible transformation of Positive into Negative Energy.

This book is about philosophical principles.  It is about how the world really works and what really led to the collapse of world capitalism.  It is not about financial principles so much.  Writers will argue about the financial cause(s) of the collapse: the housing bubble, engineered by Alan Greenspan and his disciple Ben Bernanke; greed of Wall Street bankers, mortgage brokers and mortgage companies, federal agencies, lack of federal oversight.  Sophisticated mortgage bonds will be blamed, credit swaps, mortgage insurance.  President George Bush will be blamed.  American consumers will also be blamed.  Also targeted will be the lust for status and credit and consumer goods, which lust had driven the global feeding frenzy – and which had generated personal global wealth on a scale never before seen in human history.  
    Yes, there was a good side to this expansion.  The good side was probably clear to everyone.  Now we will get to see the shadow-side that accrues from a global loss of balance in values.
In my mind, these ‘financial causes’ are all effects of the expansion rather than cause.  The ecstasy of greed creates corruption, theft, misuse of power, many forms of criminality, and desperation; shameful human  behavior is often illuminated in much the same way as a low ocean tide reveals garbage, bones, dead bodies, as the water retreats from its raucous and relatively lawless period of high tide, revealing evidence of crimes committed during the raging of the mad period of expansion of the will.  Bernie Madoff is not the only criminal who has been exposed by the receding of the water of greed.  A government, if truly interested in prosecuting white-collar crimes, could busy itself for a decade pursuing criminal acts in banking, investment banking, mortgage-abuse, and bribery of government officials that have occurred in the last two decades, but especially the last eight years.
    I, personally, do not blame George Bush for the collapse of the western financial system.  He cannot control every limb of the American political tree, control every aspect of the unwieldy, voracious, political beast.  However, the Republican ideology which has been in power since the advent of Ronald Reagan, which demands that ‘business be allowed to do what it does best’, with less and less government scrutiny, is, without question, responsible for both the creation and the destruction of the booming global economy.  
    We must remember that what business does best is to generate profits – the shadow side of this profit-generation is the practice of cheating and stealing and manipulating laws and law-makers in homage to the God of Wealth and the ideal of plutocracy.  Business seeks to destroy or diminish competition, so that it can raise prices and, where possible, scalp the public for necessary or unnecessary goods and services.  Higher profits and lower costs are what make a business successful.
    The obscene profits generated by oil companies in the last decade give us a pretty good picture of what unregulated business is all about, when it is not regulated by laws rigorously set up to protect the consumer from unscrupulous business practices.
    There is a thin line between regulations protecting the consumer and regulations serving economic expansion in an affluent society, both of these ends ultimately being the goal.  
We are emerging from – and this will involve a very painful recalibration of our virtue -- a rapacious age of materialism, business expansion, glorification of the entrepreneur, the fleecing of the consumer by banks and credit agencies – an Age of Greed (an Age of White Collar Mafiosos) that has turned most Americans and most Europeans and many world citizens into credit-slaves, eager to exchange their own financial freedom for the seeming economic success defined by unending consumption in the name of prosperity and technological progress.  Success is measured in this type of society by the number and quality of objects one owns: houses, vehicles, electronic devices, designer clothes, etc.  When I write that we, as a society and as a globe and as a race, have turned our back on God, this is my meaning: Human character is not the measure of the man in this age; but material goods are the measure.  In Biblical history, God turns His back on Man when Man forgets God.  Metaphorically, this is what happens when the Night-Cycle of death and pain succeed the Day-Cycle of pride and wealth and self-worship.
    When I describe the shadow-side of the economic expansion, I am also very aware of its opposite: the relative political peace and economic well-being that has graced the world, more or less, since the defeat of fascism in 1945.
    I am not a hater of business, or of the business class, and their political party in America, the Republicans, although it may seem that way from my first few statements.  In my view Ronald Reagan ‘saved’ America from the chaos and stagnation of a protracted democratic rule – the surrender to the malaise of nihilism, so wonderfully exemplified by President Jimmy Carter, with his messianic vision of self-sacrifice and the desired death of American Exceptionalism.  There was a time for the Republicans – the personification of the Cowboy myth in America – the prophets of free enterprise, individualism, law and order, science and reason, survival through strength, the glory of wealth and social hierarchy and Man above and segregated from Nature.  A rising to the trumpet of Empire.
    However, there is also a time for the Democrats – the personification of the Indian myth in America – the prophets of a planned economy, the community, justice, poetry, art, metaphysics and philosophy, survival through diplomatic alliances, the glory of thought and culture; with humanity as a wise and modest part of an integrated Nature.
    The Republicans represent the Day Hero in all its Solar bodily glory and youth.
    The Democrats represent the Night Hero in all its Lunar glory of culture and thought and maturity.
    The Republicans rule the Day World of Science, Trade, Engineering, City-Building and the manifestation of the order of Empire: the life of the body.
    The Democrats rule the Night World of Metaphysics, Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy: the life of the soul.
    The Republicans are the manifestation of the Sun.  The Democrats are the manifestation of the Moon.

When I speak of the real cause of the financial meltdown in 2008, I make reference to the mechanism of duality which drives all phenomenological expression at least on this Earth, and, possibly, in this Universe.  The discovery of anti-matter in the 1920’s seems to indicate this Law of Duality is an essential character of this universe.  Religious thought dating back thousands of years has assured us that duality is the guiding principle of all manifestation.  Some religious thought, especially that generated in the Mediterranean, insists this duality is the manifestation of God (light) and the Devil (darkness), two principles which are engaged in an eternal struggle on Earth for control of the world.  Asian thought (Hindu and Buddhist thought most clearly) understand this duality to be a secondary manifestation of the world, and, as such, an illusion.  The world is a ring, a stage, in which the struggle or dance between light and darkness is essentially the illusion driving all life into activity, creating passion, politics, war, the struggle of ideas.  Us against them; I love that woman; communism is better than capitalism; Day is good and Night is bad.
    Asian philosophy says the essential nature of reality is Whole, the One, Unity.  And when the One splits in to Two, this is where all the trouble begins.  
    But, this split is necessary and it is periodical.
Christians and Muslims (and the Zoroastrians before them) have historically aligned with the illusive dualistic view of Nature, seeing the world as a drama expressing the struggle of God against the Devil.  Typically, in this world-view, you, are, yourself, God’s emissary, and your opponent, by default, becomes the Devil’s agent.  Christians and Muslims have a long and terrible history of arrogant religious tyranny, oppression of differences, racist theology, and a hyper-polarized conformist ideology.  (This structural fuel of duality is not just produced in religious thought.  Communism, an atheistic theology, assures us, in a different diction, that communists work for God and capitalists work for the Devil.  A different language but the same underlying mechanism.)
    Christianity has had its reformation, and its separation of church and state.  Islam is in desperate need of such a reformation if it is to evolve and experience a true life-cycle, rather than to remain situated at the edge of the moral world, desert-bound, it’s identity nested somewhat comfortably within the role of World-Destroyer, the crescent moon, the scythe, armed to try to kill the Day-Hero, who is the Devil in their anti-material theology.  
    To say that Christianity has had its reformation, is not to say that all is right and good with the Christian world.  The most likely result of the shattering of the global economy will be a reconfiguration of political power in the world, similar to what happened in the 1930’s.  Further polarization is guaranteed.  Further manifestation of fundamental Christianity, or a form of it, is very likely, as the conventional morality of civilization breaks apart and racial, religious identity begins to form as an expression of the life-and-death emotion that lives in the heart of the primordial.  Civil war in Europe, between Christian/Aryan elements against Muslim elements, is almost guaranteed.
    Economic collapse ensures political transformations on a grand scale.  The fracturing of the World-Egg will allow the new stage of the Divine Idea to be born, but on the other side of the Night Experience we are all currently entering.
    This book will be, among other things, a prophecy of the coming events on the world political scene.  The Western World, and its shadow, the global economy, is about to reap the Biblical whirlwind again. (I say ‘again’, because the Day and Night sequences of history come along at regular intervals, intervals that seem to be calculable also, and will continue to do so, apparently, until our universe disappears.)
In American politics, this current duality is expressed through the two forces of Republican and Democrat.   The Republicans tend to see themselves as God’s party, the party of the Father, the party with Christian roots.  Many Republicans (especially those with evangelical ties) tend to view liberal Democrats as agents of Satan, as agents of social license, political and moral decay, the party of homosexuality, drug use,  broken families, witchcraft, willful degeneration – in essence, the party of the antichrist.
    Many polarized Democrats, for their part, tend to view Republicans as soulless materialists, agents of patriarchal oppression, racists, militarists, fascists, perfectly willing and even eager to destroy Nature for the sake of personal, racial and national profit, using religion as a pretext for aggression, greed, selfish virtue, and mindless conformity to fundamental Christian doctrine.
    Each of these views is accurate from its own perspective.  Each is a half-truth.  That is, an illusion.
    The polarized nature can see only two of four moral dimensions of Nature: each can see their own virtue and their enemy’s vice.  They cannot see, during their own period of emotionalized manifestation or polarization or incarnation, their own shadow, their vice, or the virtuous side of their enemy.  These ‘other’ dimensions are very real also.  The Republicans are good and bad, light and dark; the Democrats are the same, to put it in rather mundane terminology.
    This partial picture of moral reality makes it possible for Republicans to hate Democrats and for Democrats to hate Republicans, for Muslims to hate and kill Christians, for Christians to hate and kill American Indians….as the wheel of karmic retribution goes round and round.  
    Duality is the engine of incarnation, and drives the manifestation of nature’s higher kingdoms (of which humanity is one part).  It is also, as I have suggested, the motor of the Wheel of Karma, in the Asian theology, for incarnation is the stage upon and during which sins are committed through the agency of a desire for life, a desire for a separate existence, and a desire for power.
There would be a constant state of war (international and civil war) in the world of men if God had not also built in to this system (the Laws of Nature, which are both physical and metaphysical) a mediating Middle Principle which seeks to bring peace between the two animating polarities.  In one human, social aspect, the Middle Principle is the Middle Class of a given society, situated between perpetual enemies, the rich and the poor, patricians and plebians, republicans and democrats, whites and blacks, men and women, north and south, east and west….  
    What is it Leonard Cohen sings?

There is a war between the rich and poor,
A war between the man and the woman.
There is a war between the ones who say there is a war
And the ones who say there isn't.

When the Middle Class is large and vital, this class acts as the creative principle of the society.  The middle  pillar, the middle class, as a kind of social organism, joins the rich when the power of the poor needs to be reduced, when the chaos of rebellion and resistance to order becomes too dangerous to the life of the society – and when the individual members of the middle class believe they can gain a more comfortable, secure life by joining the ruling class – when they get greedy.  The middle class joins the poor when the power of the rich needs to be reduced (as we saw happen in 2008, with the election of Barak Obama), when the ruthless ‘survival of the fittest’ capitalistic, individualistic ideology turns a blind eye on the sufferings of the poor, and when capitalist greed sinks the boats of society, and endangers all its life-boats.  When the individual members of the middle class dream about becoming rich, they join the ruling class politically, creating Republican rule; when they dream about becoming poor – which is the shadow side of the ‘American Dream’, the nightmare-side -- they join the working class politically, creating Democratic rule.
When there is no middle class, there is no creation in the society – the ‘water of life’ has been withdrawn from the system – and the two poles are fixed in deadly opposition and civil war.  When there is no viable middle class, the society is essentially dead.  It has lost its animating heart.  Then there is no evolution.  All that’s left is conflict, and, ultimately, the triumph of either the Fascist Father or the Communist Mother principles.
    In a living society, the middle class (the mediating middle ‘Life’ principle – the Demiurgos in some mythologies) creates the Heavens and creates the Earth sequentially, by cycling (via the infamous Figure 8) both above and below, informing gods about the nature of Earth and informing men about the nature of the Heaven.  
    In one sense, this Middle Principle is a ‘mirror’ which kills or neutralizes the polarization of both Heaven and Earth by presenting a picture of the  ‘virtuous side’ of the opposition to each of the polar opposites.  It pictures ‘wholeness’, which kills the fragmented part it encounters, thereby educating it into a larger scale of perception.
    We recognize this mediating middle principle in the intellectual mechanism (dialectics) by which opposites (Thesis and Antithesis) are synthesized into a new idea or entity incorporating, in itself, both views, ideas and values of the original polarity.  The middle principle arms both sides with ideas they can use against the other, but always acts as a balance against too much power being gained by either side.  
    The clearest form of the manifestation of this Middle Principle in politics is democracy, in which system Right and Left wings of political power are held together as a unity by the informing Middle Principle which is Republican during the Day Period of political manifestation and Democratic during the Night Period of political dematerialization.  The Middle Principle in a viable democracy keeps both sides from gaining absolute power.  When either side gains absolute power, the society is no longer alive and evolving.
    The Middle Principle, by educating and evolving both sides of the polarity, is Life, itself, whose behavior, thus, ensures the circulation of the life-force between the Head and the Body, between the North and South, between the Abstract and the Concrete Physical – between the East and the West, between Social Obligation and Individual Will -- much as the heart in the body circulates blood throughout the body, north and south and east and west.   
    The Middle Principle, the Soul, if the guiding force of evolution, educating the Body of Life during the Day-Cycle and educating the Mind of Life during the Night-Cycle.  Material Science evolves; Spiritual Science also evolves.  Each cycle is an attempt to update the world-form that preceded it, expand it, reconfigure it, and take it a step or two further.  Science evolves; Religion evolves – but, without the Middle Principle, the Soul, nothing evolves, everything becomes frozen in time.

The discovery of antimatter in the 1930’s (the discovery of anything in science is almost always the work of many people spread over many years – so whether Paul Dirac or Carl David Anderson is given credit for the ‘discovery’ of matter’s magical mirror-world seems relatively inconsequential now) opened a new door to the scientific understanding of the nature of the universe, and the illusive quality of the nature’s duality.  Anti-matter is a mirror-image of matter.  An atom of matter is composed of a positive nucleus -- a positive proton and a neutral neutron -- and orbiting negative electrons.  An atom of anti-matter is composed of a negative nucleus -- negative anti-proton and a neutral anti-neutron -- and orbiting positive anti-electrons.  An atom of Hydrogen is mirrored by an anti-atom of anti-Hydrogen – although no one is really certain as to where this anti-atom of anti-Hydrogen may be hiding at any given moment.  
    If our physical universe is composed mostly of material atoms, is it not likely that antimaterial-atoms probably compose an anti-universe that ‘reflects’ our material universe?  Even if we use this description only as a metaphor at this point, it is not painful on the imagination to see the Republican Party as the masters of the Material Universe and the Democrats as the anti-masters of the Anti-Material Universe.
    I am not making value judgments about these different seasons and universes.  As I have written, each universe has both a positive and a negative aspect.  In a similar way, the North is the material world, and the South is the antimaterial world, with the magnetic field of perception reversing at the equator, which divides the Earth in to two equal halves.  A metaphor of this ‘mirror reflection’ shows that water runs down a drain clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
When the ‘Ideal’ Republican raises his right hand, the ideal Democrat raises his left.  To the Republican (especially as manifest through the so-called ‘Religious Right’ of fundamentalist Christians) white is good and black is bad.  To the Ideal Democrat, black is good and white is bad.  The dark-skinned (southern) races have been persecuted by the Christian-driven (northern) white races for so long that the ‘moral balance’ is now tipped toward the southern races for the sake of balance.  
    The Republican sees wealth as a sign of God’s personal reward.  The Democrat is suspicious of wealth, and feels guilt associated with wealth, assuming that success in business is a form of successful corruption, which suggests a metaphorical ‘contract with the Devil’.  The Democrat is against matter, against the corporation, which is a manifestation of the body-life.  The Republican is for matter, for the corporation, for the body, as a manifestation of power in the world – and against spirit (or antimatter) as a manifestation of weakness, weak-willed female weakness, abstract weakness, poverty, death, darkness.
    I am not suggesting that the atoms composing the poles of matter and antimatter are stationary and fixed.  These poles evolve and change, as long as the middle principle exists and continues to educate the poles.  The wheel turns and individual atoms ride the wheel into heaven and back down to earth.
    The Republican becomes a Democrat; and a Democrat is transformed into a Republican.  Evolution involves the weight of the fulcrum changing its orientation, tilting toward the Father or tilting toward the Mother.
    Europe has tilted toward the Mother for many years now, since America has been willing to play the Father-Role for Europe (for American gain surely, not out of the goodness of our hearts).  Now Europe will swing back toward the Father-Worship that got Europe in so much trouble 72 years ago.  Recent European elections show that socialists are out of power now and center-right and far-right parties are gaining power in Europe, blaming immigrants for all their social problems.  This is just the beginning.  Europe will be fighting for her racial life, as Islam has moved in to Europe, threatening to throw its blanket of submission to Allah over the heads of European States and suffocate them with ideological righteousness – which is another form of fascism.
    As Europe swings to the Father again, America swings back to the Mother.  This happened in the 1930’s as well.
If this social metaphor I have introduced is an accurate picture of reality, then I would expect science to discover, at some point soon, the method by which the Middle Principle (composed of both matter and anti-matter) can ‘become’ matter at one phase and anti-matter at the next.  In fact, in 2006, science did discover a particle, far smaller than any atom, that switches itself back and forth between being a piece of matter and a piece of anti-matter, 18 trillion times each second.  The back-and-forth switching appears to be one of the fastest processes in nature.
    In the world of mythology, Mercury was the messenger between the gods and men, carrying messages back and forth between Heaven and Earth.  Mercury was associated in Western theology with Michael the Archangel; and Michael the Archangel was associated with Jesus Christ.  

What does all this have to do with the collapse of the American-driven capital market system?  And where is this collapse leading America, Europe and the world?
    Those are questions we will examine as we progress through this book.
    I am not of the opinion that the most recent collapse of the Republican-engineered global American Empire, and its form, the global economy, signals the end of the American empire and will propel America into the state of a lost nation or a second-rate power.  Many wish for this.  Many Europeans speak gleefully of this vision as a wish the result of which would catapult European nations back into a position of empirical rule and global dominance, something for which many of the European Ruling Class are pining, remembering the good old days of their own ‘unlimited wealth’ through oppression of Africans, Asians, South Americans and even North Americans.  But history does not limp backwards.  The days of European youth are gone.  But Europe will play a large role in the coming apocalyptic events, which role I will consider later in this book.
    This current economic collapse will last for many years and will dramatically alter the face of global political alliances and power.  If there is any accuracy in the numbers I will introduce later in the book, this Great Depression will last until, approximately, the year 2019 and will be accompanied by earth-shattering wars and political re-alignments.
We need to understand that the current crisis is not primarily an economic crisis – the effect of the crisis is a collapse of the global economic system.  What has caused this economic collapse is a spiritual crisis resulting in a loss of identity, as Western ego-inflation (in the words of Jungian analysts) has popped, deflated and entered the formless world of Night, or Material Darkness.
    Economic depressions come regularly in the history of living human systems as the male identity (the ego) ‘dies’ or is defeated, turns inward and descends into the formless darkness of chaos and self-judgment in an attempt to gain self-understanding, peace and comprehension of the meaning of life – to find his God, in other words.  The ego (now Non-Ego) also seeks in the Darkness the identity of its next incarnation, its next life, its next phase of bubble-creation.  The convex bubble (extroversion) becomes a concave bubble (introversion), digging a hole in the inner nature similar in extent and opposite in moral dimension to the dome it has built in its previous Day-time incarnation.  The Day-Ego builds a dome in the world of matter; and the Night-Anti-Ego builds an anti-dome in the world of antimatter.  
    In nearly every religious system, creation of the world begins with the breath of God.  The Creative God(s) ‘breathes Life in to’ – i.e., blows a bubble --  in the fabric of eternity.  This bubble becomes a separate particle of Time (a mortal phenomenon with a defined length of existence) inside of which, and through which, Life expresses itself, experiencing objectivity, until the innate alarm clock goes off and the particle bursts or collides with its opposite.  The Male Expansionary Energy pops and vanishes into the Darkness, in much the same way that Icarus, after flying at the Sun, singes his wax wings and falls into the ocean.  Death/Dissolution is a falling back in to the waters of the Unconscious.  Day-Energy builds the positive world; Night-Energy builds the negative world, destroying the world that the Day-Energy has created.
    This is the real cause of the collapse of the global economy.  The alarm clock went off.  Energy changed its form and direction.  The Sun-Hero was wounded, fell back toward earth, and was transformed in to the Night.  And now the mythological Darkness, the Power of Chaos, has taken control.

About times and dates, brothers, there is no need to write
to you for you are well aware in any case that the Day
of the Lord is going to come like a thief in the night.
It is when people are saying “How quiet and peaceful it is”
that sudden destruction falls upon them, as suddenly as labor
pains come on a pregnant woman; and there is no escape.
1 Thessalonians: 5: 1-3

What can we do about this?
    Nothing really.  We cannot ‘fix’ the problem.  Only Time can fix the problem.
    The Republican, masculine Day-Force, wants to ‘fix’ things.  The Republican is essentially a Cowboy, an Engineer, a Problem-Solver.  ‘Give me a problem to solve; and let’s keep it simple.’  In the (paraphrased) words of John McCain: ‘Let’s fight, fight, fight!’  Let’s fight chaos; let’s fight complexity; let’s fight pessimism.  If we are willing to fight, we can overcome anything.’
    This approach works wonderfully in the world of matter.  But it does not work in the world of antimatter.  Matter, rational coherence, male externalized energy literally disintegrates as it approaches the horizon of the black hole.  Everything that worked for male energy in the Day Cycle tends not to work for male energy in the Night Cycle.  There are new Laws of Nature in the inverted dome of antimatter, laws which are based on the laws of Metaphor and Analogy, not upon the Day-Nature laws of Cause and Effect.  Day-Nature is measured from the outside; Night-Nature must be measured from the inside.  Day-Nature measures from the outside in a controlled environment; Night-Nature measures from the inside with tools of metaphor, analogy, symbolism.  The tools that work in the sunlight do not work in the moonlight.
The next decade promises to be very difficult; but it will also have its rewards.  What can individuals do now?  Each person must find his God – and seek to make himself Whole, make himself the Middle Principle.  It is time to build an ark, to acknowledge the Moon as the counterpart of the Sun, to paint blood on the door, and to prepare for the Force of Death to pass over the world community once again.  Fear of God is a good thing.  Modesty is a positive value.  Generosity and understanding and the community of shared suffering are virtues.

If there were only these two in the world – intellect and body –
but there were no soul, then the intellect would not be drawn to the
body (for it is entirely immobile and is not supplied with a principle
of movement, although it is far distant from the body), nor would the
body be drawn to the intellect since it is just as incapable and ineffective
in moving by itself, and is far removed from the intellect.  But if soul
is interposed, conforming to both, there may be an easy attraction
from one to the other.
The Planets, Marsilio Ficino