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THE EXAGGERATION OF WATER - From a Collection of Prosepoems, "DEATH IN JUNE"


There is an exaggeration in water.  There is a duplicity in air.  There is a contagion in fire, a vengeful contamination of the decent carnival.  There is trouble in the frozen history of fire, from which all kinds of plagues ascend, mostly through the homage fire pays to absolute monarchs and killers of children.  The harshest manifesto possible contaminates virtue at the very outset.  The child must be sacrificed, because the world is for devils, for money, for power, for greed.  You can argue that this is not the way it should be.  No one will contest you in this.  But what is good and what is bad have a way of dancing with one another, changing places, changing shoes, changing metaphors, exchanging bodily fluids, corrupting themselves and others, becoming their opposites and then becoming again the antithesis of these opposites.

Unity does not ask which side you are one.  Unity embraces all sides and understands that the drama of life has only light and shade, has only misconception and conception to guide it.  We understand nothing about the detailing here; we understand that the recompense of one surgeon is the sacrifice of the next.  And this makes us hate ourselves a bit less, judge our fathers a bit less, scold our mothers and daughters a bit less.

Yes, the water is an exaggeration.  But that is what gives it power.  When the water exaggerates itself successfully, it gives birth to Noah, the army of ravens and the army of doves.  And this presents to our eye a picture of reality that triggers in us again a reason for our own existence.