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|Includes: BLK, BNI, BWLD, EEV, EOC, EUM, FNMA, UTX, SPDR S&P Metals and Mining ETF (XME)


Daily Trades: for Monday 31 August 2009

Short-Term Trading Emphasis.

We'll be the first to let our readers know when this bull rally turns.  The Asian markets are turning or have turned.  SSEC (Shanghai) should continue selling pressure; HSI (Hang Seng, Hong Kong) should also trend lower.  Japan and Korea are both stronger than China; and Taiwan is trying to decide if it wants to follow China or its northern neighbors.  Australia's AORD looks positive for the week.  Of course, the picture can change in an instant.

New positions for our daily trading:

For Monday 8/31/09      
M2F ALT TRADES In @ Position shares  
EEV 16.08 ent short -622  
EUM 46.4 ent short -216  
M5 10 TRADES Out @ In @ % Gain Date in
Sell BWLD 42.07 37.64 11.77% 08/18/09
Sell FNM 2.04 1.1 85.45% 08/20/09
sell UTX 59.64 57.26 4.16% 08/20/09
Sell UMM 27.13 21.95 23.60% 08/18/09
  In @ Position shares  
BLK 201.55 ent long 50  
XME 42.1 ent long 238  
BNI 84.03 ent long 119  
M2F LT 2 TRADES In @ Position shares  
EOC 46.73 ent long 214  
M4 Sum rev  Trades In @ Position shares  
VIX 24.76 ent short -404  
M4 sum rev 2 Trades In @ Position shares  
EOC 46.73 ent long 214  

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