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When I voted for Barak Obama last November it was with the understanding that he was going to protect the powerless American from the Banking Cartel that had taken over our government and was in the process of wrecking American Capitalism.

It is clearly 'Time for Change'.

Where did that change go?  Yes, Obama is apparently working tirelessly on Health Care reform; and I applaud him to this.  Our health-care system is shameful; not only is it shameful, ethically speaking, it is also destroying American business and, with its inflated prices, is helping to force manufacturing jobs overseas, bankrupting small businesses, and also bankrupting American citizens, even those who DO have health insurance.  The Medical Cartel is ruining America with its inflationary greed, as drug makers, doctors and insurance companies all profit from the fleecing of Americans and American business.  Until the health-care system is reformed (and its bubble popped) there will be no job recovery in America.  If health-insurance costs continue to climb at the rate they have climbed for the last 10 years, it will cost over $31,000 to insure a family in 2019.

I applaud Obama for his stand -- although I'm rather shocked that he sees the path to health-care reform as being best effected through climbing in to bed with drug companies.  The drug companies are a major cause of the SHAME and the CRISIS in health-care.  Drug companies should be chastised for greed and shaken-down as a part of this health-care reform.  You can buy drugs in 99% of the world's countries at 1/10 the price these drugs cost in America.  The drug-cartel in America is legal but it has been spreading misery from coast-to-coast year after year, with Congress's (and the President's) approval.  This has to end or there will be no real health-care reform. 

This past year nearly 60% of personal bankruptcies were caused by medical emergencies -- with many of these bankruptcies happening to people WITH health-insurance. 

Real health care reform does not come with an undisturbed profit picture for drug companies, Insurance companies and doctors.  Real health-care reform comes with a removal of the punch bowl from these interests.  Their party is over.  It's time for them to sober up.

Ok, so there has been some movement on one front.  Not enough movement -- but at least some movement in the right direction.

But the main theme of this article concerns the lack of change on the financial front in America.  Why did Obama simply assent to the rule of banks by banks for banks?  Why has Obama simply assented to the Bernanke-led destruction of the American dollar, the continuation of a wrong-headed 'inflate or die' Fed policy that wishes to continue the inflationary spiral that began in 1983?  This policy of inflation is a death-sentence for those without jobs (20% of Americans who want to work) and those on fixed incomes (retired Americans who have worked their lives diligently and honorably and who deserve to live their last years in peace).

Obama has refused to side with the suffering American middle class and American working poor and (now) non-working poor.  Instead, he has chosen sides with America's ruling elite, the Wall Street bankers and corporate plutocracy.  Obama apparently admires Abraham Lincoln; and who does not.  Apparently Obama wishes to pattern his presidency of that of Lincoln, Lincoln being a man of peace and a man of diplomacy -- a man who sought to avoid class warfare in America to the very end.  I, too, admire Abraham Lincoln more than any other American president.  But remember, Lincoln's presidency essentially ended in and was defined by civil war, no matter how much walking on egg shells Lincoln tried before the firing started.

A better model for Obama to follow at this juncture in American history would be Teddy Roosevelt, who took a 'big club' to the elite on Wall Street, broke up corporations that had nearly taken over the government, shrank monopolies back to size....pruned a garden that had grown unruly and corrupt and no longer fertile.  We have lost our creativity as a society (our productivity) because Huge Business is suffocating the new crop that desires to rise.  Finance is NOT the basis of a healthy national economy.  Finance benefits the few.  It always has.

Ben Bernanke should be fired.  He is the new captain of the Pequod (Alan Greenspan was the original Ahab) whose goal is to hunt down Historical Necessity and kill it, even if it destroys our country and our country's currency in the process.  Bernanke's plan is megalomania in action.  He seeks to deny death, deny the night, deny contraction, deny correction, deny gravity....but there is no rebirth without a descent, without a new baptism, without a new vision which comes only from enduring the descent.  Bernanke is fueled by fear; we are being led by a madman fueled by fear, and motivated by resolute denial of reality.

Bernanke is now in charge of the government.  Obama is his servant.  But we did not vote for Bernanke to be our leader.  We did not vote for billions of dollars to be funneled to irresponsible bankers who capsized our boat through unrestrained greed, and who now pay out billions in bonuses to apparently mediocre talent (who cannot make money in a market that is FIXED by Bernanke to always go up?) while the majority of Americans retreat into a solemn tension as jobs vanish and wages decline and benefits disappear.

We will not eat cake.  If the bankers try to feed us cake, we will eat bankers instead, and bankers' property and bankers' inheritance and bankers' affiliations.  Bankers have no allegiance to nationality.  Their only allegiance is to money -- and money can be made in any country, any country with a government willing to turn government control over to the bankers.  Bankers pay well.  They pay the government well -- as our own government knows -- which is how they come to be in control of governments.

Let the bankers in America eat cake.  Their time, in fact, is running out.

The Run Upon The Bankers, by Jonathan Swift (1720)
A baited banker thus desponds,
From his own hand foresees his fall,
They have his soul, who have his bonds;
'Tis like the writing on the wall.