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Let's face it: HOPE is the only strategy that central banks have. They pray that stalling (which is what QE and ZIRP are, besides transferring trillions of dollars form the taxpayers to the rich, of course) will be answered, at some point in the future, by a magical organic kick start of the global economy.

"We're flying by the seat of our pants," Bernanke said of he and Hank Paulson, "making it up as we go along." Two little boys flying a model airplane.

The truth is, HOPE is all they have. And they have no understanding how debt suffocates growth like too much green wood suffocates a campfire. Stalling and hoping, and wishing and praying. Wasn't that a song in the 60's? Dusty Springfield.

Remember the story of Pandora's Box. All the evils of the world (ISIS, Tsunamis, Deflation, Political Chaos, School Children Murdering Other School Children, Sex-Change Operations, Plastic Surgery Improvement, Starvation, Beheading, People Burned Alive For their "Wrong" Beliefs, the Crashing of Financial Markets, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Theft of Money, Theft of Taxpayer Money by Corporations, Destruction of Currencies, Poisoned Land, Water and Air, Food Supplies Ruined, Drought) are loosed -- this is the same imagery of the Book of Revelation in fact, the broken seals and the plagues sent down from Heaven-- set loose on the world. At the bottom of the Box is HOPE, the only thing left.

2019 is the bottom of the box.

1973 was the bottom of the box.

1947 was the bottom of the box.

The bottom of the box was to the Jews Mount Ararat, where Noah's Ark came to rest. The water began to recede. Flood from 2001-2019. Flood from 1965-1983. Flood from 1929-1947.

The Jews said the Flood lasted for 40 days and 40 nights. But the number 40 in the Jewish alphabet is the letter "M", Mem, which is the middle letter in the Hebrew alphabet and signifies the end of the Day Cycle (expansion) -- the Rule of the Man, the Sun, the Sun-God -- and "Mem" is the "ocean", the "sea" -- symbolizing the (metaphorical) castration of the Sun-God, the eclipse of the Man by the Woman (the Female Principle), the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon -- the disappearance of the Land, or Earth, swallowed up by the Water. "Mem" stands for Moon, Mary, Murder, Moses/Miriam (an early version of the flood mystique, Miriam placing Moses in a basket in the river in which to float into the foreign land), Michael the Archangel.

ALEPH (the First Man, Adam) is ACTION, LIFE, WAR (remember Cain) and the reproduction of the world. MEM (Memory, Moon, Reflected Light, Reflection) is REMEMBRANCE, reflection of what you did in your life. ALEPH is about Self-Love, the Expansion of the sense of I, and the Eyes; MEM is about Self-Judgment, the Death of the Ego, and the eclipse of the Eyes by the Ears. The Sun stimulates the eyes; the Moon (the darkness) stimulates the ears, and hearing. Music belongs to the Night and to the Dreams; Painting, Image-Making, Image-Worship, Temptation of Neighbors' goods and wife, all belong to the eyes, the Day, and to Action.

Mem-Nun (M and N) symbolized the Ocean, Water, and the Fish (Nun) -- the Messiah -- which is the age we are living through, in which the polar opposites VIRGO (the Virgin Mary) and her opposite PISES (the fish, Christ) rule for 2520 years.

2520 divided by 36 = 70 ages.

What is the Promised Land? God promises (the covenant) that the Heavenly World -- the stability of the Daylight -- will be brought back. The Day-Cycle will be brought back. Ararat is the symbol of this. The Ark, the body of Night, the Moon Body of Night, will be eclipsed by the Sun (the Son) again. In 2001, the Moon eclipsed the Sun; in 2019, the Sun will eclipse the Moon. The Male Principle will return and the growth principle (Dionysus to the Greeks) will bring fertility back into the world.

The Sun is the organizing principle in our Solar System (anti-entropy); the Moon is the deconstruction or DIS-Organizing principle, the principle that breaks up the dead corrupt body into broken elements that the Sun will re-use to organize or construct a better model of the world: 1911, 1947, 1983, 2019....seedtime for reconstruction. Midnight/Winter is the birth of the New Sun; Noon/Summer is the birth (rebirth) of the Shadow-Man, the Moon.

2001 is Noon: watch the shadow begin to grow. 2019 is Midnight: this is the apex of the Moon, the Shadow Principle. Watch Isis get stronger and stronger until 2019, when it is ready to take over the world. But after Midnight, the Moon, the Shadow-Principle, begins to weaken. From 2019-2037, the Moon will get weaker and weaker, and the Sun will get stronger and stronger. This is an emblem of how the world works.

Religion (the true Wisdom Knowledge of religion, not the institutional religions) is not about the Past or the Future, something that once was or will some day return. It is about today, the present, how modern-life works, the structural picture of reality. Science polarizes itself against Religion, so it cannot see the whole. Science, as a process of thought, divides itself in two; isolated phenomenon from its patterns. Religion abhors science; so it paints science as the Devil, to keep its own identity as virtue. But there is an island in between these two illusions, Science and Religion. I live on this island. On this island, one can see the truth of science and the truth of religion, one can marry the two incomplete visions to each other and see how the world really works.

Give up the polarizations. Both sides are wrong (and right, at the same time). Science is right in that it sees its own virtue and it sees Religion's vice (superstition); but it is wrong in that it does not see its own vice or Religion's virtue. The same is true of Religion. Both are one-eye blind.

On the Sacred Island one can see much further than the other half-truths can see. On the Sacred Island, one is given Eternal Life. What is death? Death is when the one-sided picture of the world, with which the polarized identify, giving them a mortal identity, being it on the side of Science (Liberalism) or Religion (Conservatism), ends, disintegrates, runs out of time. The Builders run out of Time at the end of 18 years (1983-2001); the Anti-Builders run out of Time at the end of their 18 years (2001-2019). At the end of these 'times', death claims 1/3 of the world.

In 2001, the Masculine Principle of World-Builders began to die; in 2001, the Female Principle of World-Destroyers was reborn. The Masculine Principle is 1/3 of the world (think of this in an ideal, mathematical sense); the Feminine Principle is 1/3 of the world; the Soul, which is whole, Male and Female, inhabitants of the Sacred Island, is also 1/3 of the world. In 2001, when the Masculine Principle (the West) began to die, the Soul changed sides in order to balance the world, to vitalize the Shadow side of the world -- the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away -- The Lord is the Soul, the Sacred Island, and He gives to the West from 1983-2001, and He takes way from the West from 2001-2019, balancing the world, giving to the poor, becoming the Jesus Christ figure to help those in the Underworld.

In 2001, 1/3 of the world died. 1/3 of the world was reborn. The same will happen in 2019, when the Soul changes sides again, choosing action, evolution, building the new world; and 1/3 of the world will again die, the Shadow will begin to die. The 1/3 living in the Soul, on the Sacred Island, never get to die, because their job is to build both worlds, the material world from 1983-2001, and then again from 2019-2037. The soul also builds the heavens, the anti-matter world, our of anti-matter, from 2001-2019, and then again from 2037 - 2055.

Building the Dream-World (out of anti-matter), which is a realm of Ideals, deconstructs the Material World. Building the Material-World (out of matter), which is a realm of concrete effects of the dreams of Ideals, effectively deconstructs the Anti-Material World, the World of Ideals.

The New World is always born out of anti-matter, in the soil of Ideals; and the Old World always dies in matter, the corruption of the Ideals. 2001, Noon, was the death of the Old World; 2019, Midnight, will be the re-birth of the New World.


The Heretic-Prophet is a Heretic Against Man Not a Heretic Toward God.

PS. When people tell you that America is the greatest country in the world and that we need to stick to our capitalist traditions and we don't need to change as a nation and that a belief in the status quo is all we need to deliver us, show them this chart. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark (and in the concept of the American Empire):