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1911-1929: growth or inflation

1929-1947: deflation or deconstruction

1947-1965: growth or inflation

1965-1983: deflation or deconstruction

1983-2001: growth or inflation

2001-2019: deflation or deconstruction

Stocks and the economy are only effects of this process. To the ancient Greeks, Zeus/Jupiter (Je-Zeus) was the force of expansion, the Day-Cycle force; and Kronos/Saturn (or Satan) was the force of destruction, the Night-Cycle force.

Isis will continue to get stronger, as one of the central deconstruction forces of this cycle. World communism was the deconstruction force from 1965-1983. World fascism was the deconstruction force from 1929-1947. The economy will 'get fixed' by time, when deconstruction transforms into reconstruction, when negative energy of matter gets transformed into positive energy of spirit.

1983-2001: SPENDING CYCLE, DEBT CYCLE: lower interest rates to encourage growth in spending.

2001-2019: SAVING CYCLE, DEBT DESTRUCTION CYCLE: raise interest rates to encourage growth in saving. We failed in this; because we think we know better. We don't. Instead of trying to hold on to a dying world, we should be following God's or Nature's laws and destroying bad debt with higher interest rates. We know better. We want to 'avoid pain' -- we want to keep what we gained in the last filling cycle.

1983-2001: Filling-Up Cycle -- Winning Cycle

2001-2019: Emptying-Out Cycle -- Losing Cycle

Instead of facing the Losing Cycle 'like men' with courage and faith, we stole money from our grandchildren's future. And our debts continued to grow. Meaning horrible pain will lie ahead, including very likely World War III.

This is the process of evolution. We build the world from 1983-2001; we destroy the world we built from 1983-2001 from 2001-2019, so we can build the world as a better model from 2019-2037. The Lord gives (1983-2001) and the Lord takes away (2001-2019). Humans are so proud of their mental abilities to 'control Nature'; sometimes pride, which the Greeks felt was the primal sin, hubris, gets in the way of one's ability to 'learn from' Nature. Will becomes everything. The proud man is the man who falls. In Greek Myth, pride is punished by Hekate, the Moon Goddess from Hell. In fact, Isis seems like Hekate, does it not. The severed heads; the captives burned alive. These are images from hell, are they not?

As I say, Isis and all the Islamic (Allah is a Moon God, in fact) forces of world destruction just get stronger and stronger until 2019, when the Sun-God (Zeus-Jupiter) returns with the force of expansion. Religion is alive today in our world, governing our world -- only we don't like to understand the world this way. We like to understand the world as individual men conquering through pride. As I say, there is an end to this world-view; and that end is coming very soon.

See below how consistent with these ideas are the charts of the Shiller Cyclical PE Ratio and the Dow/Gold Ratio.