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Apr. 12, 2016 9:45 PM ET

Michael Clark

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What's going on here? There are many good reasons to be bearish. Why is the market so bullish?

Every weekend I look at hundreds of monthly charts. Looks very bullish.

Every day I run reports of my trading systems. My EMV trading system is up 22% so far this year. Look at today's report -- this at a time when the markets are trying to top. I color-coded Column 3, PROP1, into those issues in the BUYING ZONE (NASDAQ:BLUE) and those issues in the SELLING ZONE (RED). There are no new signals today; a couple new signals from yesterday. ALL of the shortsell positions are in inverse ETF positons -- so they are, in fact, bullish. In fact, ALL of the positions in this report are LONG, CLOSED LONG POSITIONS. There is one closed short position, LIFE. We will ignore the signals to buy TOO and WMB because they are still enmired in the SELLING ZONE.

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Column7
Symbol Close PROP1 Position New Trades New Trades COMPANY
UWTI 27.3 19 Long     * Crude Oil Bullish ETF 3x
LBJ 76.5 15 Long   Enter Long * Latin America Stocks Bullish ETF 3x
BBD 8.3 7 Long     Banco Brandesco SA
WLL 10.87 7 Long     Whiting Petroleum
BZH 9.055 5 Long     BEAZER HOMES
DWSN 4.9 5 Long     Dawson Geophysical
ERX 25.75 5 Long     * Energy Stocks Bullish ETD 3x
FIT 15.17 5 Flat     Fitbit
GASL 33.314 5 Flat     * Natural Gas Stocks Bullish ETF 3x
ICPT 146.91 5 Flat     Intercept Pharma
LABU 32.43 5 Flat     *** Biotech Bull 3x
AGQ 36.15 3 Long     Ultra Silver Leveraged ETF (Pending:BULL)
CHK 6.03 3 Long   Enter Long Chesapeake Energy
DSX 2.856 3 Long     Diana Shipping
HGSH 2.26 3 Long     HGS Realty China
UHN 13.7 3 Long     Heating Oil ETF
USLV 14.71 3 Long     * Silver Stocks Bullish ETF 3x
USO 10.65 3 Long     United States Oil
VRX 32.01 -1 Long     Valeant Pharmaceuticals
APO 16.39 -7 Long     Apollo Global Management
    SELL ZONE        
WMB 17.73 -15 Long <-   Williams Companies
LIFE 3.84 -17 Flat   Exit Short TYR Pharma
DRYS 2.17 -19 Flat     Dry Ships Daily
EDZ 34.08 -19 Short     * Emerging Markets Bearish ETF 3x
GASX 14.829 -19 Short     * Natural Gas Stocks Bearish ETF 3x
TOO 5.83 -19 Long <-   Teekay Offsore Partners
DSLV 38.93 -21 Short     * Silver Stocks Bearish ETF 3x
DUG 57.03 -25 Short     Short Oil and Gas ETF Daily
DWTI 111.63 -25 Short     * Crude Oil Bearish ETF 3x
ERY 19.71 -25 Short     * Energy Stocks Bearish ETF 3x

Bear Market. I really don't see it.


Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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