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Jun. 25, 2017 8:39 PM ET • Comment!

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The Deep State strikes again

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I was rather shocked to open my internet newspaper and see the following headlines:

 What does this tell us?  Well, it either tells us that all politicians are corrupt, which is a pretty logical assumption.  Or it tells us that the DEEP STATE is moving against another threat.  Bernie Sanders is as much a threat to the DEEP STATE (business as usual) as Donald Trump is.  We know the Deep State has been attempting a political coup to overthrow Trump's Presidency since the day he stepped into the Oval Office, using the media and the Democratic Party as their lynching party.

One does not have to like Trump to defend our democracy.  The Deep State is the Old Money elitists who tolerate democracy as long as elected officials do what the Deep State tells them to do.  When John Kennedy refused, they killed him.  Trump is refusing.  Trump is trying to pit the military against the Deep State.  Will that be successful?  We do not know.  The Deep State has been overthrowing governments all over the world for hundreds of years, in order to keep control over money-making operations around the globe.  Anything that threatens their control of global market expansion is an adversary that needs to be eliminated.

Is Bernie Sanders a crook?  I don't know.  I don't think he is.  We are going to be told that he is.  This is how the Deep State 'prunes' the established parties of extremism.

I think Nixon was overthrown finally, not because he was a threat to the Deep State but because he was considered the sacrificial victim who needed to be offered up to a fractionating social system that threatened descent into social chaos.  I did not like Richard Nixon.  But he was overthrown by a Deep State coup.  Nearly all the Watergate "Plumbers" were CIA operatives.

 Who killed Huey Long, Malcolm X?  Who shot and tried to kill George Wallace?

The Democrats gleefully joined the "let's get Trump" mania but they are finding that the American public wants nothing of it.  RUSSIA-GATE is a fraud.  Yes, Russia was "involved" in our election, as were the French, the Germans, the British, the Israelis.... that is what spy networks do.  Every country has a spy network.  Who hacked Democratic National Committee files and leaked them to the public?  Did Russia do this?  Or is it more likely that a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter was the leaker when he discovered that the DNC was sabotaging Sanders and "fixing" Hillary Clinton's nomination?

The Russia-Card is a Deep State Card.  The "War Against Russia" keeps the military-industrial-intelligence community chest-deep in money and authority and they are not going to give this card up no matter what the cost.

Then I saw another headline, which suggests what the Democrats have gotten out of the IMPEACH TRUMP movement.

The Democrats used to be the Poor-People's Party.  Bill Clinton wanted to be rich.  He wanted to be a Kennedy.  He thought there was no future in resisting the Rule of the Rich.  So he sold out the Democratic Party to Wall Street.  This was not all his doing.  The Reagan Revolution (driven by the Deep State and by Wall Street) destroyed the Labor Union structure that was the funding arm of the Democratic Party.  Shipping high-paying manufacturing jobs out of America was economic warfare against the Democrats.  As the unions broke, the Democrats lost their sugar-daddy -- and Clinton went crawling on his knees to Goldman Sachs.  Now we have the Wall Street branch that favors the Democrats and the Wall Street branch that favors the Republicans -- but neither party can afford to vilify Wall Street, as the Democrats once did.

The Democrats have lost their identity.  And it is just going to get worse.  Ideologically, the Democrats are enemies of Big Business; the Republicans are enemies of Big Government.  But the Deep State IS Big Business and Big Government.  They will give up social programs, so called entitlements, unless it creates social chaos that threatens THEIR EMPIRE from within.

One of America's greatest World War II generals, Dwight Eisenhower, who was later elected President for two terms in landslides each time warned us against the DEEP STATE.

As powerful as the Deep State was in 1960, when Eisenhower retired from public service, it is much more powerful today.  Look at military spending as a sign of this power.

America spends more than 7 times what Russia spends for military development.  NATO countries spend 11 times the Russian military budget.  If we consider Russia and China as allies, something they have not been for most of their existence as nations, NATO outspends the "Red Block" 3-to-1.

Why can't we afford health care for our citizens?  Look at the graph and figure it out.  What if we only outspent Russia 5-to-1?  Then we could afford our so-called ENTITLEMENTS.  Actually social security is not an entitlement -- it is OUR investment.  We have been paying into Social Security out of our pay checks all of our life.  And the government (especially the Republicans) argues that this is an ENTITLEMENT?  Are interest-bearing savings accounts an ENTITLEMENT that can be taken away by the banks in times of crisis?

We outspend China on military 3-to-1.  What if we only outspent China 2-to-1?  Could we afford health care then?  You bet we could.  But the Deep State depends on military spending to inflate the Empire Bubble, which polices FINANCIAL MARKETS, TRADE.

Why can Europe afford social programs for their citizens?  Because they don't spend what we spend on military expenditures.  America spends 10 times what France spends on its military.  No wonder they can afford those nasty ENTITLEMENTS, which we understand are often not entitlements at all, but simply taxes spent on income.  MAYBE AMERICA COULD AFFORD BETTER HEALTHCARE IF IT STOPPED ACTIVING LIKE THE WORLD'S POLICEMAN.  France can protect its own borders.  It might have to spend more money if it had to protect its own borders.  France spends almost as much today as Russia spends on military costs.  France does.

The Deep State wants us to believe that Russia is a military gargantuan threatening the entire world with its aggressive behavior and military spending.  But the chart above says this is not true.  Germany, France and the United Kingdom outspend Russia on military almost 2-to-1.

Bernie Sanders advocates more spending on US citizens and less spending on the military.  Does that make him an enemy of the Deep State?  You bet it does.  Donald Trump wants to "DRAIN THE SWAMP".  The SWAMP is Washington DC, the Deep State.  Does this make Donald Trump an enemy of the Deep State?  Yes.

The Trump Election was a vote AGAINST the Insider Rule in Washington.  It was not about race (although some white racists supported Trump, as some black racists supported Clinton): it was about making Washington (America) work again for the outsiders, those who do not live in Washington DC or in New York City.

I did not expect to get into that so thoroughly. 

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Disclosure: I am/we are long UDOW.

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