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MUELLER REPORT: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Let it go, Democrats. You job is to try to fix America's problems, not correct the voter's "mistake" in 2016. I can feel another soapbox moment coming on.

Do you believe in Democracy? No, not in terms of all possible imagined systems of government, but between the choices we currently have. Democracy is imperfect, yes. Nothing is perfect except geometry. If you believe that we are shackled between a choice between an imperfect Democracy and Civil War, which would you choose.

Both parties always want to win. That is natural. But because we are adults, and we understand that civil war is the destruction of the world we live it, we choose Democracy over civil war.

If we choose Democracy this implies that the two sides will take turns governing the country. When one side wins the election -- not the side we want and not the side we believe is closer to the truth ideologically -- we accept this result because WE PUT THE MECHANISM OF DEMOCRACY above the deatils of which side wins. The two sides take turns like Day (the Republicans) flows into Night (the Democrats); and then the Night flows back into the Day. The Republicans began gaining strength in 1983 and continued gaining strength through 2001. Then the Republicans (the Republican Perspective, the Fatherland View) began to lose stregnth, go to sleep. The Democrats and the Democrat View (which I would call ROMANTICISM in the hiostorical sense -- the Republican View is the Patriarchal Renaissance view) began gaining strength in 1965 and began losing strenghth again in 1983j.

This is a universal view. You cannot debunk a universal view by resorting to particulars. Details. Universals must be fought on the level of Universals. This is a distinction between the One and the Many, which I will address later.

The political world ebbs and flows between the Day Perspective (Patriarchs) and the Night Perspective (Matriarchs). Do not believe that one side sees all and is perfect. One sides sees half of the world; the other side sees the other half. The see the whole piicture, one has to "marry" the two views.

Speaking of marriage, my view of Democracy is that is a marriage, a covenant from God, a covenant which gives us the gift of Eternal Life. Not perfecxt life. But Eternal Life. We should not desire a perfect life. That is not possible, not attainable. In the world where matter is desnee, not translucent, we have the creation of the shadow, which is always the reverse of the primary matter, always the "adversary", always a mirror iamge of the primary image. When matter becomes transparent AGAIN, we will pass back into a unified world.

The Patriarchal Republicans ("the Fathers in Heaven") represent GROWTH, Material Evolution, which implies a projection into the Future. The Matriarchal Democrats represent Spiritual Evolution, which has a reverse image and reality as well, Material deconstruction. The Democrats represent Spiiritual Growth and Mateerial Deconstruciton. The Republicans represent Material evolution and Spiritual Deconstruction. Both sides are equal morally but both sides believe in their spiritual superiority. This is the basis of all war and convlict, this belief in moral superiority. Nietsche wrote about "BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL", which suggests a respect for a higher dimention of understand than the Ego's realm.

Democrats look back; they are gifted with and cursed by reflection. They cannot GROW the material world. They can GROW the spiritual world, and, hence, their work is generally cultural more than material. This is their appropriate realm. The Republicans cannot GROW the Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Realm exists in the Night, in the Darkness, and is found through the Ears, which are connected to the Soul, Lunar in Nature. The Material Realm exists in Day Light, is experienced through the Physical Body (the Lower Senses), is experienced through the Eyes, which are connected to the Mind, Solar in Nature.

A nation is a marriage. When the Female Principle wants a divorce, the country is in a Night-Cycle. The Female Principle was represented in Ancient Greece as Hekate, the angry Moon Goddess which destroys all in an EMOTIONAL fit. The Book of Revelations details all the plagues that occur during EACH Night Cycle. The Female Principle becomes HYSTERICAL. The world is destroyed during every Night Cycle: 1929-1947; 1965-1983; 2001-2019...

When I say that Day-Cycles emphasize and support the Republican Perspective (1983-2001, for instance) that is NOT to say that the Democrats vanish; yet to survive, the Democrats shift to the Right during these phases -- which Bill Clinton did; the opposite happens during Democratic Perspective Night-Cycles, Republicans shift to the Left (1965-1983, as Richard Nixon did).

Day Cycles represent the marriage between these two forces, Right and Left. Night-Cycles represent Divorce, and the Female Principle seeking freedom from marriage and from social traditions of marriage in which the Female Principle sub-serves the Male Principle.

The Religious Flood (the Deluge), symbolically noted, is the Night-Cycle when the Female Principle (the Moon, Water) runs wild and becomes hysterical. Islam is a lunar religion. Allah is a Moon-God, presiding over the Night-Cycles. Note: all Night-Cycles, which re-occur every 36 years, DECONSTRUCTIONS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD AND RECONSTRUCTIONS OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. Good and Bad. Which we must survive, and endure.

During Day-Cycles, marriage, and childbirth expand. During Night-Cycles, Divorce-Cycles, divorces increase, drug use increases, crime increases, natural disasters, plagues, health crises increase. Floods, Tornadoes, Murders, Kidnappings, Volcanic Eruptions -- Nature becomes furious.

Night-Cycles begin with the destruction of the Garden of Eden and with the Serpent seducing the Woman to rebel against the Man and seek power in the world as a free, divorced woman. Men on top during the Day; Women on top during the Night.

in 2001, the Female Principle begins to regain power over the Male Principle, the Day-Cycle. In 2019, this Female Principle Night-Cycle power reaches its apex (Midnight); and then it begins to dissipate. Female Principle power will reach its low-point in 2037. Shadow forces will turn on one another, splintering the Democratic Party, feminism, gender-confusion movements, anti-Western parties, anti-Christian parties.

During the Night-Cycle, the Male Principle is the holocaust victim, losing his job by the millions, losing his families and homes by the millions, and being slaughtered in wars arranged by the vengeful Hekate.

A mixed day in the markets. 3x ETF trading. One new HYBRID ALT position.


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Think the Paris fire-bombing of Notre Dame de Paris was not an orchestrated fire-bombing? Or is it just part of the organic hysteria sweeping over the Earth?

Easter this weekend. The DArkness and insanity of the world is reaching its apex.