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Jun. 6, 2019 10:23 PM ET•TECL, FINUComment!

More positive movement for stock today. We are bullish for the time being. We think the TRADE WAR(S) are overblown. Everyone wants to sell their products in America, a very big and relatively rich market. Does CHINA want to be hear. You bet they do.

The TRADE WAR is hurting CHINA more than it is hurting us. If one can believe the IMF (all institutions have become suspected sources of FAKE NEWS or propaganda that furthers their world-view agenda).

Of course, NPR is against Trump.

Traditionally, Democrats feel guilty about America being rich and seek ways to give America's money to the rest of the world, externally, and to poor Americans, internally. This goes with the Democrats' obsession with "looking good". Liberals want America to be hurt more than China in the TRADE WAR because liberals don't want to appear to be the bully giant dominating the world -- that is where the martyr complex comes in: they would rather be defeated by the world, becoming the underdog again, a role they relish, than defeat the world and remain the OVERDOG with too much power and wealth.

I am both a liberal and a conservative. I understand the RIGHT BRAIN and its desire for Virtue; I also understand the LEFT BRAIN and its desire for Life. We NEED both sides of the brain balancing each other. The Desire for Virtue is also a Desire for Death, martyrdom. The Desire for Life can become very easily a Desire for Wealth and Power which is the treasury of TYRANTS all over the world, and all through history. Does one wish to be a Saint, or a King. The King is the apex of the Day-Cycle; the Saint is the apex of the Night-Cycle. We are both. We are both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death (or Knowledge).

When we are awake in the world of matter (Day-Cycle body life) we are asleep in the world of spirit (Night-Cycle anti-body life). When we close our eyes and go to sleep in the world of matter we open our eye and wake up in the world of spirit (anti-matter). Note, the Day-Cycle world of Matter has two eyes open because this is the world of DUALITY, Two, Us against Them, the base of the triangle; the Night-Cycle world of Spirit or Antimatter has one eye (center of the forehead, the AJNA center) because duality is transcended, consciousness passed up from the base of the triangle To the apex of the same triangle, as the duality becomes the unity.

Different ways of seeing. In the Night-Cycle world we look and see with the Right Brain; in the Day-Cycle world we look and see with the Left Brain.

Our COUNT1 DELUXE Portfolio is doing very well.

We want to continue to look at it today. Our DELUXE Daily Report shows us some new trades and some interesting positions. VIX, which has been alive during the selloff, is a TRADING SELL now.

New LONG position in COUNT1 DELUXE System: TECL, TECH STOCKS LONG 3x ETF. Is this a substitute for the NDX, NASDAQ?

LONG, LL, LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. The earthquake of trend change has taken a few days to take form.

Here is a picture of the DELUXE Portfolio.

A couple more that showed up as BUYS today after a major struggle to get right again.



Some readers want to know about GOLD. Is the GOLD rally real. We have some long positions in gold stocks: EGO, NEM, HMY; USAS. But we don't like the way GLD looks at this point. It is still bearish, when looked at through our sextant. Look at the top pane of this cluttered chart. PROP1 shows very clearly what is BULLISH and what is BEARISH.

We have two trading systems that are very similar: COUNT1 DELUXE and C1M5 TR. They use the same BUYING TRIGGER; but they use different sell signals. DELUXE on top.

TR below. TR is very useful because it tells us when issues are short-term topping and bottoming.

Here is a picture of our M5 TR portfolio, which is also doing nicely. Many of these positions were taken this week.


Our system COUNT1 GOLD uses a different vertical paradigm as a companion to COUNT1, M2F ALT WEEKLY 3 -- COUNT1 DELUXE and C1M5 TR use M5 LEVELS as the vertical companion.

COUNT1 GOLD gave these LONG signals for today. See how EGO has coverted from the BEARISH red box to the BULLISH green box in the past two weeks.

There is a dearth of new SHORTSELL SIGNALS in this system also.

Two 'new COUNT! GOLD 3x trades, both LONG: TECL and FINU.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC.