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Jun. 15, 2019 9:25 PM ET•AAPL, UPRO, SPXLComment!

I've missed a couple of days. I was set to bombard BEARS on Thursday and then selling came back into the markets on Friday.

Our most basic system report is what we call COUNT1 Simple. We ask for a report of every issue we follow (1200 or so) that was COUNT1=1 today and not COUNT1=1 yesterday. COUNT1=1 is bullish, and a buy. COUNT1=2 is a TRADING SELL. COUNT1=3 is a BEARISH SHORTSELL SIGNAL. COUNT1=4 is a (still) BEARISH counter-trend signal, or COVER SHORT signal.


Yet so much BEARISHNESS in the media.

Why do BEARS insist on giving us HELL ON EARTH, depression, JUSTICE for our greed and desire for a better life materially? Why do they want the NIGHT to last forever? Why do they want to punish the rest of us by bringing to us the destruction of our hopes.

I have written many times about my understanding of the political mechanism that rules (Unseen, of course) our solar system. 1/3 of the atomic elements (humans) are permanently BULLISH; 1/3 are permanently BEARISH; and the creative central 1/3 move between the BULLS and the BEARS, bringing Day-Cycles of HOPE and LIGHT and WEALTH and SUCCESS and GROWTH, then moving to join the BEARS or the Democrats when it is time for KARMA, NIGHT or punishment. Contraction, economic and cultural.

The Night hates and blames the rich; the Day loves the rich and wants to be with them, or at least wants to be one of them.

Is it a sin to be rich, a sin to want to be rich? Nature is rich half of the time; after Harvest it suffers a decline into darkness and gestation, storms, destruction, floods and hurricanes and freezes. During the annual growing season in nature there is no equality in the vegetable or the animal kingdoms; but in death, when all the crops of vegetables have been returned to a horizontal state, their is an apparent equality. An apparent equality. Although the seed hiding in the Earth deny this equality. Empires are vegetable states also, metaphorically speaking; when empires rise there is no global equality but when they fall there seems to be a greater equality, until the next empire rises. The vertical always comes back, with inequalioty, favoring greatness based on individual desire, ambition, luck, hard work, education, the ability to evolve.

BEARS demand equality, death, destruction. Are they agents of KARMA? Perhaps. BEARS want the night to rule.

When I say that 1/3 of the human population in always BEARISH, I do not mean this in terms of the humans who can be Bearish and become Bullish and become Bearish again. The mechanism does not change. Individual souls can change and alchemize and often do. But the mechanism is permanent. Like the Electron Beam, one electron can change its behavior but always a counter electron acts to balance the first; measing the law of nature is always upheld.

Our COUNT1 DELUXE System continues to perform well.

Here is today DELUXE Report. We see one new BUY SIGNAL TODAY, RVEN. We are not crazy about RVEN. But we don't just look at today's signals. We look all the way down the list at changes for the week and even for the two week period shown in the HEAT METRE.

Look at SQ, SQUARE, for instance.

We are late. SQ has already had a nice move, up 12.9% is 8 trading days. Does that mean it is too late to get in to SQ? Not really. It is not ideal; however SQ has traded in this system for many long-duration trades.

Look at some of the long-duration trades. 355 trading days, a gain of 363%. 109 trading days, a gain of 108%. Its shortest trade was 10 TD, with a modest gain of 9.72%. Anything is possible.

No new short trades in DELUXE, but a recent transition from BEARISH to BULLISH in BCOM, BROADCOM.

There is quite a group of quality issues that have shown up late as BUYS but are, indeed, BUYS, incluiding KLAC, AAPL, CWEB, MEXX, QLD, SQ, TQQQ, UDOW, UPRO.

I have been pounding the table for BITCOIN. Here is ETCG.


Our DELUXE System is doing very well. What about our "trading" version of the DELUXE System? We are testing two different "trading" systems. Both are doing well.

COUNT! M5 TR and COUNT1 M5 TR #2 have slightly different SELL triggers. The first has a hare-trigger. The second a tortoise-trigger. Look at the CLOSED TRADES of each.

Those are very nice gains for very short-term trades of less than two weeks each. A trader can probably live with these type of results. The accuracy is impressive.

#2 is #1 originally, before we carved down #1 even more. Of course, we like these returns even more.

Since it is extra work to test two systems every day, we will CHOOSE to work with #2 since the returns are higher. Here is ap picture of recent LONG trades, including a picture of BCOM.


BIIB, BIOGEN, is the latest. Along with the Swedish Krona.

That is probably enough for today. Have a good weekend.

Oh, INTERNALS. Everything is up. C1=1 BUY is UP. C1=2 TRADING SELL is down. C1=3 SHORTSELL is down. C1=4 BEAR RALLY is up.


Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC.