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Globalism did not "fail": Time ran out.

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byMichael Clark

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Oct. 28, 2019 10:41 PM ET•Comment!



Globalism did not "fail": Time ran out.

We have a tendency to focus on American developments. Populism vs Elitism. This is NOT an American "problem" or phenomenon. It is a global production. Populism is the "seed time culture"; Globalism is the "fruit Time culture".

The Global Culture topped, provided its fruit, in ..1893, 1929, 1965, 2001. Then the decline into "winter" began.

The fact that the FED did not recognize the "nature" of this, and continued to fertilize the fruit in the Tree, does not mean that the seasons have been circumvented. We don't get to stop in a place we like just because we like it or we are afraid to move into the future.

George is one of the spokesmen of the GLOBALIST LEFT. He is old, trembling, harkening us to follow his vision.

Populism, in fact, happens on both sides of the political spectrum. Populism is that force, right or left, that overthrows the status quo.

Economic stability is the keymark of the Day. When economic stability begins to break apart, then the Winter lies ahead.

Dollars now are at a premium; other currencies are not. BITCOIN?

Chinese positive remarks on blockchain sent BITCOIN surging higher.

Can we live without banks and bankers? That is a populist's dream, is it not?

What does our system show in terms of GBTC? We are LONG GBTC; so we WANT to show a bullish picture. But COUNT1 leapt from ZERO back to 4. This tells us the SELLING may not be over. ZERO to 1 is BULLISH; ZERO to 4 is not. Latest MOMO low (redline) is 8.48; this advance, when it ends, must fall back again and bottom ABOVE 8.48 as a statutory signal of a trading bottom.

FERMENT. We are clearly in a stage of FERMENT.


Bacteria and other living organisms are introduced to the substance to continue its breakdown.

Fermentation is essentially, all about testing this newly integrated self. We test ourselves through trials and tribulations, through the natural swings that life provides us. All the pain, the hurt is something that pushes the self to becoming more resilient, to be stronger. The idea here is that we must go through the darkest of night in order to see the dawn, and when it arrives, it brings with it something explosively beautiful.

We go through these stages as individuals and as nations and as a human race.

The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation: A Spiritual Metaphor (Infographic)

Western religion sees the number 7 as the key number of manifestation. I have come to see the number 9 as the key number of manifestation. So I search the internet for "the 9 stages of alchemy". And I find a resource.

The Nine Stages of Alchemy

Why 9 stages? In my system, the 36 year cycle is divisible into 4 seasons of 9 years each. I have re-worked my numbers in the following way:

2019, in this system, is governed by Saturn, and is the third step of Winter. 2017 was MIDNIGHT. We still have a lot of DARKNESS ahead of us. But we are heading in the right direction.

Some of. you may blanche at the ASTRONOMICAL column to the left. Each planet represents a "god" or a psychic identity of the Self. MARS represents WAR and the WARRIOR in the SELF. VENUS represents LOVE and LUST, the LOVER, -- think, the SEXUAL REVOLUTION, 1969 -- the SPIRITUAL INTELLECT, and the FEMALE PRINCIPLE. LUNA, the MOON, is 9, the END OF EVERYTHING. NEPTUNE is the OCEAN, the DREAMWORLD, the WOMB, to which we return when everything dissolves. URANUS is "FATHER SKY" -- the planet of AWAKENING, who OVERTHROWS the preceding Night-Cycle or restful status quo. MERCURY is the PSYCHOPOMP, the MIDDLE PRINCIPLE, who escorts the living into the DEATH WORLD and escorts the REBORN out of the DARK UNDERWORLD.

Every 4th stage of every historical Winter SHOULD have a similar nature: 2020; 1984; 1948; 1912; 1876; 1840, 1804; 1768; 1732. Do they? I don't know.

The "gods" MARS and SATURN are the most dangerous. SATURN imposes limits, and REALITY. Saturn serves as a model of discipline, structure and commitment. MARS brings war.

I first began developing the 36-year cycle in my own mind, constructed through reflection on my own life. I had very clear revolutions or orbits which became clearer to me as I passed through several. "I have been here before" was the understanding. I have "seen this before".

Sepharial was a Jewish mystic named Walter Gorn. He wrote a book in the 1920's in which he referenced the revered Hebrew 36-Year Cycle. I found this several years ago. I could not find much about this. I did find this however.

He claims that each 36-year cycle is ruled by a Planetary God in a specific house of the zodiac. This is a picture of an astral clock, telling us what time it is.

Two things of note. Gorn was born 1864; Mercury ruled 1873-1908. Mercury is a "messenger of the gods", and represents an influx of 'religious or spiritual energy' which seems to come before war.

In my own life, HP Blavatsky was my most important discovery in the 1965-1983 Night Cycle. Blavatsky was a manifestation of the Mercury energy, bringing religious information down to earth from Heaven. She was born in 1831, in the Ukraine. She co-founded the Theosophical Society in the West in 1875 and she published her manifesto, the Secret Doctrine, in 1888.

Literally, Michael the Archangel IS Mercury. He stands between Heaven and Hell, protecting the "living" from the demonic Underworld. Jesus Christ is SOLA, the Presence; Mercury/Michael is the "Angel of the Presence". The Sun and Mercury are constant companions, the Sun and the Little Sun.

Theology (all theology) is science told in poetic language. One must be a poet to comprehend it. It is not a "literal" text.

A second thing of note. According to Sepharial, the whole period of World War I and World War II (1909-1944) was governed by MARS, the God of War.

That is a tangent; yes. Is thinking a straight line, a diameter bisecting a circle; or is it the circle itself?

The full cycle includes the DESCENT into POPULISM and Nationalism. Societies that seek and expect to visit Heaven in the Great Year must also be prepared to visit Hell and learn from this initiation in Darkness. To be whole we must experience the whole circle.

Ok. Stocks. Today was a good day for the BULLS.

We showed many BUY SIGNALS in our CGTS GOLD TRADE System. There were also quite a few SHORTSELL SIGNALS. This tells us that stocks are trading in the OVERBOUGHT territory. SHORTSELL signals are all long-term BEARISH and short-term OVERBOUGHT. Does this mean our rally is ending? Not necessarily.

We have A LOT of pictures of these SHORTSALES -- a lot of good companies are on this list, which includes airlines, steel stocks, and inverse TBond issues. No, the BOND BUBBLE is NOT breaking.

BIDU shows clearly the -11 ceiling PROP1 imposes on all SHORTS. If a stock can't get through this -11/-13 ceiling, it is not finished with the selling.

DDD: MOMO looks more positive; so we would avoid this SHORT here.

CHWY --- uggh! -- is a SHORT here.

CWEB -- CHINA is still not attractive here.

Not crazy about this one. MOMO is trying to bottom.








We are now trading the following systems -- note, C1 EMV (W) is being traded both as a 3x system and as a non-3x system.


Renmimbi is going lower, according to our C1 M2F (W) System.

We have. a lot of C1 EMV (W) BUY SIGNALS, including our old friend SNAP.


What does our DAILY INTERNALS show? 631 issues are now in the BUY category. 73.3% are in the BULLISH category, defined by C1=1 or C1=2.

RP: RP_NEW_2019_excel_102819.xlsx


Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC, SNAP, TLT. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Disclosure: I am/we are long GBTC, SNAP, TLT.