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Is it just me; or is this market boring? Caught in a tight range, drifting up, drifting down. Of course, when a consolidation breaks up or down, then things will get wild.

Below are charts of our three main momentum indicators (charting the 512 issues we follow). In each chart the blue line is the SPX; the red line is a different momentum indicator I've created. The recent rally has failed to move the momentum indicators in two of the three charts.

Our UUP (US Dollar Bullish ETF) vs USO (US Oil Bullish ETF) looks to be bottoming. If this means anything, as it has meant something recently, stocks and some commodities should begin to top here.

Our USD vs EURO chart shows a bit more pressure on the Dollar, as an expected bottom may be turning in to an 'extended bottom' which may not mean much except more time spent in the bottoming process.

From a book of poems I am currently writing called THE SPELL BREAKS:

A spell breaks.

A horrible carcinogenic truth emerges.

The blue cadaver is found in the window seat, overlooking Saint Ellen's Cathedral.

The blue cadaver begins to speak.

Oscars are given out.

We are all tempted to obfuscate,

Tempted to articulate lies and half-truths,

Anything to make us look better to the world,

Better than we are.

We hate being judged - that is, we hate being judged as being failures, losers, fakers, common incendiaries.

The judges are everywhere.

We can hear them moving in the higher circles;

But now even the higher circles are being judged.

And this is fine with us.

Because the higher circles have been stealing from us for ages now,

Stealing, fixing the government, fixing prices, making laws for themselves,

Making laws to protect their theft and their selfishness.

We have tolerated this rising incidence of crime and graft

Because we thought, somehow, we benefited also.

We have stopped believing this now.

We know the price-bubbles benefit the few, and the wealthy only.

It is a fixed game.

We watch our neighbors disappear, as the house is repossessed.

We, too, are now being punished for being crooks and killers.

Is that it?

We are being punished for being liars and cheats?

Ok, I can understand that.

Where are we heading, in terms of the depth of destruction we are going to have to endure?

Are we going into world war, world depression, world deprivation?

Yes, I expected that.

Are we going to be destroyed by our predecessors?

Are we going to be crippled by our competitors?

Yes. We are hated.

Yes. We are envied.

Yes., we will be hurt deeply.

Will we overthrow our governments, and will we choose a fascist enterprise?

Quite clearly we will.

Fear makes a heart hungry.

Fear makes a spirit desperate.

Let the Animator appear and begin draping himself in flags and religious conventions;

And begin manufacturing instruments of death.

God's harvesting season is coming.

Notaries begin to sign death certificates through the draft-bill;

And young boys cut their hair and move through the cattle yards toward the slaughter houses.

In early dreams of the contagion.

Is that how capitalism manages to survive?

Nothing is requisite here.

Nothing can be managed better than the ultimate sacrifice of the self

For the good of the community of profiteers.

The fat, stupid bankers wear a conservative genius for self-protection.

They will help finance the war with some kind of war-bond or interest-bearing account

That returns 1% to dead veterans' families.

The prayers begin.

The sappy mothers send their children to die of mutilation and gassing and firebombing

Because their pastors think it is good to fight God's battles again pagan villainies.

Where virtue is clear -- and God's angels stand on the side of a clear and moral majority --

Do not believe them.

Bankers smile.

We have done it before; we will do it again.




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    Tuesday Monday  
    7-Aug 6-Aug  
TRADING SYSTEM T11D Sunmarry 10/Zero  
Profit Active % Gain    
$39,330.00 109 3.61%    
SYMBOL CLOSE Today Yesterday Company
AEM 44.81 Enter Long   Agnico-Eagle Mines
AXPW 0.32 Enter Short   AXION
DSX 7.08 Enter Long   Diana Shipping
EDU 11.9   Enter Short New Oriental Educations and Technology
IDI 1.37   Enter Long Search Media Carry-Trade ETF
IRE 5.78 Enter Long   Bank of Ireland
LNKD 111.55   Exit Short Linked In
TSU 22.37 Enter Long   TIM Part (Tele Cellular)
* See chart        
Profit Active % Gain    
$6,570.00 111 0.59%    
SYMBOL CLOSE Today Yesterday Company
ADBE 32.14 Enter Short   Adobe Daily
CBI 36.8 Enter Short   Chicago Bridge and iron
CBPO 10.311   Enter Long China Biologic
CLI 26.93   Exit Long Mack-Cali Realty Corp
CTSH 64.21 Enter Short   Cognizant Tech Solutions
ENMD 2.09   Enter Short Entremed
FTS.TO 33.21 Enter Long   Fortis
LODE 2.95   Exit Long Comstock/Goldspring Mining
LPS 25.54 Exit Long   Lender Processing Services Daily
PG 65.81 Enter Short   Proctor and Gamble Daily
REMX 12.69   Exit Short Rare Earth Metals ETF
RGR 44.12   Enter Long Sturm Ruger
XIDE 2.96 Enter Short   Exide Technologies
* See chart        
Profit Active % Gain    
$30,748.00 28 10.98%    
SYMBOL CLOSE Today Yesterday Company
^VIX 15.95   Exit Long CRB Volatility Index Daily
ARUN 14.73 Exit Short   Aruba Networks
EWZ 54.21   Exit Short Brazil ETF
FB 21.92 Enter Short   FACEBOOK
FCX 34.34 Exit Short   Freeport McMoran Mining
GBPCNY=X 9.935   Exit Short British Pound/Chinese Yuan
GDXJ 19.96   Exit Short Gold Junior Minors ETF Daily
LD 45.43   Enter Short Lead ETF
LNKD 111.55   Enter Long Linked In
NANO 15.21   Exit Short Nanometrics Inc
SYNA 27.67   Exit Short Synaptics Inc
TNP 5.36 Exit Short   Tsakos Energy Navigation LTD
USDCNY=X 6.374 Enter Short   US Dollar/China Yuan
* See chart        
TRADING SYSTEM T11D Sunmarry Cross 2ab  
Profit Active %    
  Trades Gain    
$20,574.00 52 3.96%    
SYMBOL CLOSE Today Yesterday Company
LNKD 111.55 Enter Long   Linked In
Portfolio gains based on $10,000 investments per trade.

Michael J. Clark, Hanoi, Vietnam