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Three fruit flies

Three fruit flies were picking a banana peel on the sidewalk next to a skyscraper. All three were economists from different schools of thought.   Always the paranoid pessimist, the Austrian fruit fly looked up from the banana peel for trouble.

 “Holy C***!  An air-conditioning unit slipped out of a window and is about to crush us.

“Don’t worry” said he Keynesian, not even bothering to look up the rotting fruit skin, “we’re fruit flies!  We only get to live a couple days in this cruel universe – enjoy the banana.”

Finally, the Monetarist quickly peeked up at the a/c unit and punched a couple of figures in his calculator.  “The a/c unit is not going to land for four minutes.  Let’s enjoy the banana peel for three minutes and then flee for our lives.

Two minutes later, while still debating what to do, the three fruit flies all died of old age.

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