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Æta Tumultuosa: Votus Novo Ordo Seclorum Pro Bono.

The Tract Pro Bono explains the nature and causes of economic depressions. It proposes a plausible alternative solution. It explains the necessary conditions that must be met for the occurrence of a Crash. It presents the immediate dangers we are facing.

It has been written for the general public. To a certain extent reading it doesn't require any prior knowledge in economy.

It proves that, accelerated by Ben "Systemic Risk" Bernanke's brutal Quantitative Easing, after a short period of exceptionally good economic conditions and Irrational Exhuberance, which will inflate the Mother of All Asset Price Bubbles, we will have a Keynes' Liquidity Trap, The Crash and The Deep Depression.

It makes a critical analysis of Credit Based, Free Market Economy, Capitalism, and proves that its dysfunctions are the result of the existence of credit. It shows that income / wealth disparity, cause and consequence of credit, is a first order hidden variable, of economic development.

Using a novel model of the shape of the yield curve It solves most of the puzzles of macro economy: among which, Unemployment, Under Development, International Division of Labour, Business Cycles, Stagflation, Greenspan Conundrum, Oil / Mineral Prices, Deflation, Keynes' Liquidity Trap, Market Crashes...

It shows that no fiscal or monetary policy, including the barbaric Quantitative Easing will get the world out of  The Deep Depression.

The Adjusted Credit Free, Free Market Economy is The Plausible Alternative to Capitalism a solution that would correct all of its dysfunctions.

It will be both more efficient, more equitable, more liberal and more libertarian.

A surprising result of my research is that what is optimal from an mathematical/economic point of view is also  optimal from a moral point of view and is the only one that obeys to the precept of both Islamic Qu'ran and Jewish Torah. A rare occurrence never seen before.

In This Age of Turbulence The People Wants an Exit Strategy out of Credit, a New Economic Order.

Because of the immediate necessity to inform people about immediate dangers that could threaten us, I have decided to give it for free to those who would order it before September 17tn, 2009.

Æta Tumultuosa: Votus Novo Ordo Seclorum Pro Bono.

Reminder: for those who know what it is, Friday 18th, September is quadruple witching on the US financial Markets!

Ben 'Systemic Risk' Bernanke is Dialing 911! Don't Hang Up on Him!

Disclosure: `Long Bonds, Long Stocks, Long Minerals.