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Long KHC Like A Sphinx Watches The Stars

|Includes: The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC), MO

Long $KHC you savages.

I buy and forget most of stocks I have.

In fact I am pleasantly surprised by many of them at times when for some reason I check on the stocks in their little hiding places.

I say to them

"Oh hello there little fellow, what are you doing here?"

Most of the time they just stare into their phones, I can see the glow from the screen on their little stock faces and I wonder what is so interesting about what they are watching.

I used to want to say to them,

"Hey, I am here and more interesting then your phone, did you know that I just got back from a vision quest on a mountain with a medicine wheel? And from the center of the earth came a power that saved me from the Trickster Coyote?"

But now I just am glad that they are lost in their phones, because in that way I can move between the raindrops and cross the street early in the morning and be at peace in solitary confinement.

Every once in a while one of them looks up and says they have a dividend to share, and indeed that is a happy day around here when that happens.

For I then buy more of them (stocks) for the hospital that I am going to donate all of this to someday.

This is how I feel about $KHC a stock given to me by $MO several years ago, and why I can never sell.

Because I would not want to disappoint my friend $MO who gave me such a gift.

In fact, I have bought even more $KHC.

Yes, I spend much of my time alone, sometimes I have to travel through time to get back here to type this to you.

So far I have been fortunate and been able to make it.

Long $KHC like a Sphinx watches the stars burn out one by one.

I left it there so you would know how long I would wait.

Disclosure: I am/we are long KHC.

Additional disclosure: I am long $KHC and $MO, please don't do what I do for I am a degenerate gambler and destined to die penniless and alone.