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The 5G Play (June 2018-2019)

|About: AT&T Inc. (T), Includes: CTL, TAP, VRIO

Big things are happening and 5G is going to be disruptive to the whole Internet Provider space and usher in a new area of connectivity.

Look at the moves that Dish and Facebook are making into 5G.
Dish alone is contemplating a $11 BILLION dollar move into the 5G space.
That is not a random occurrence. There are huge moves going on right now.

I believe that 5G is going to gain incredible market share for $T as well as being a catalyst for humanity, providing tools once available only to large corporations, media companies, and Presidents of Nations that will now be in hands of you and me.

We are going to live like Kings those of us with the foresight and clarity of purpose here.

In the spirit that smart phones changed the game, 5G will also be a move on par with other sea changes in history, ushering in the possibilities and pitfalls of of the IoT, autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and self aware AI skynet stolen UFO technology overlords.

Its going to be exciting and I have been patiently preparing for this moment since the early 1970's, and making big moves to add more shares of $T here, and more should it move lower then $31.

I am currently adding to my position and moving to seriously overweight $T.

My stock market business acumen is at the level of Doctoral and beyond and I am betting the farm of several plays coming up.

In 1519, Captain Hernándo Cortés landed in Veracruz to begin his conquest.
Upon arriving, he gave the order to his men to burn the ships.

In that spirit, I too am burning the ships. There is no going back now.

On a side note and yet of importance, I am keeping an good eye out for the $spin-off $VRIO and going to enter that stock with a position of size like a Gentleman of Leisure.

I believe that $CTL will also be a player in the 5G space as well, providing backhaul fiber optic capacity for cell phone towers that will be necessary for the deluge of data necessary for the IoT devices, autonomous vehicle, edge computing, and AI.  

If and when $CTL cuts its dividend (circa 2019-2020) I am going to seriously overweight my position there as well.

Ignore this at your peril world.

My smoking jacket is pressed and ready for action.
I am currently on point and focused like a laser beam.
My intensity level is 11 out of 10.
I have hard boiled a dozen eggs for strength, and am currently sipping on $TAP 211 Steel Reserve Malt Liquor like a savage.

Disclosure: I am/we are long T.

Additional disclosure: Long $T $CTL $TAP and many other stocks like a Doctor.

Don't do what I do, I am a degenerate gambler destined to die penniless and alone.

I wear a football helmet and leather work gloves 3/4 of the time while drinking Malt Liquor and am thus almost invincible.