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Risk Assessment Chowder Portfolio Part 3 Of 4

|About: Duke Energy Corporation (DUK), Includes: ABT, AMGN, DE, DG, PG, UL, VFC, WELL

Risk Assessment Chowder Portfolio Part 3 Of 4
Portfolio risk analysis of Seeking Alpha author "Chowder"

Part 3 of Chowder Portfolio Risk Assessment - 3/4 Positions

Estimated risk potential loss in an extreme market condition change:
Equity, Interest rate, Currency, and Commodity.

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Part 1 - OVERWEIGHT Positions -
Part 2 - FULL Positions -
Part 3 - 3/4 Positions - You are here
Part 4 - 1/2 Positions - Coming Soon

Percent of Portfolio
$PG 2.10%
$WELL 2.10%
$DUK 2.00%
$AMGN 1.80%
$DE 1.60%
$UL 1.60%
$ABT 1.50%
$DG 1.50%
$VFC 1.50%


Disclosure: I am/we are long PG WELL DUK AMGN DE UL ABT DG VFC.

Additional disclosure: Informational purposes only, not intended as investing advice. I have positions in all stocks mentioned.
I am also a time traveler and have a time machine.
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