Vieira Warns DO NOT BUY JCPenney. Shares Crash!

Nov. 12, 2012 9:43 PM ET1 Comment
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Vieira Warns DO NOT BUY JCPenney. Shares Crash!


Vieira Warns DO NOT BUY JCPenney. Shares Crash! One of the extraordinary Vieira's Case Studies in 2012. The company will publish Vieira's Live Trade Calls calling the crash in J.C. Penney (JCP) describing with a remarkable accuracy all the major turning pivots on the stock in the past ten months!

Vieira, world best stock track record, warned investors to invest heavily in JC Penney (JCP) selling short the stock near $32.

Vieira downgraded JC Penney (JCP) to junk reiterating his call ahead of November 2012 earnings.

We urge savvy investors and traders to review the following blog posts Review Oppenheimer Funds Scam in JC Penney and Is JC Penney a Buy or a Sell

Thank You once again to Mr. Vieira. I have made more than $5 million in the past three months of which $1.5 million short JC Penney following Vieira's instructions.

D. Shatalov, 2012

I explained step-by-step how to make millions against Wall Street scam analysts and fraudulent fund managers who were calling JC Penney a buying opportunity before share price collapsed. Congratulations to savvy investors investing heavily selling short the scam!


Shares of company JC Penney (JCP) plunged to $17.92 on the news! Vieira, best historical stock track record ever delivers!

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Disclosure: I am short JCP.

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