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Sina Stock News: Vieira Calls Crash

|Includes: Sina Corporation (SINA)

Sina Stock News: Vieira Calls Crash


Sina Stock News: Vieira Calls Crash. What else did you expect? Vieira, world best stock trader and coach, was very clear regarding Sina earnings outcome! What else did you expect after Vieira called the crash in cousin Baidu? A miracle?

For the past two years Vieira created all turning stock pivots trading this stock with an astonishing accuracy offering to his clients more than $200 per share in accumulated profits!

He downgraded the stock ahead of November earnings at $68.5 calling a crash! Vieira creates real millionaires, not the sort of Bill Ackman scam sold in the US as the great hedge fund manager of our times.

Check the best historical stock track record trading Sina stock.

Who is willing to bet against the best trader in the world? Bill Ackman, the idiot who has just lost his pants in JC Penney? For God's sake!

Thank You once again to Mr. Vieira. I have made more than $5 million in the past three months of which $1.5 million short JC Penney following Vieira's instructions. Plus $740,000 short Sina into November earnings. The fat slice came from selling short Apple collapsing $170 within weeks before my incredulous eyes, but precisely as Vieira called it. I have been a subscriber for a long time. My greatest profit ever is Intuitive Surgical which I sold at $560 making about $25 million.

Dmitri. S, 2012 (translated from Russian; original digitally signed available on the website)

Did you read on the blog what Vieira said about trading Sina stock a long time ago? You only have to listen!

Trading Sina is like trading Apple. Shooting Fish in a Barrel. Only a fool has not made yet at least $3 million trading Sina according to my guidelines. The track record is absolutely perfect so far. It even surprises myself since I dont know what else to do.